Shedd | The Launch Party & More

Убедена съм, че вече сте разбрали за жестокото launch парти на Shedd, което беше миналия месец. Въпреки че Мими, Сирма, Ана, Поли и Венета вече споделиха снимки от събитието, никак не ми се иска да оставам по-назад и бързам да споделя любимите ми кадри от събитието (което беше тотален хит, btw!).

А за тези от вас, които все още се чудят за какво говоря, ето полезен линк към статия, която посветих изцяло на приложението.

Inspire me | Princess Deena AlJuhani Abdulaziz StreetStyle

She is not your typical Oriental princess. Deena AlJuhani Abdulaziz, born in Riyadh, married to Prince Abdulaziz Bin Nasser Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud and a mother of 3, is the owner and creator of D’NA - a conceptual, members-only high fashion boutique; one of the most wanted guests at fashion shows and a true inspiration to young and business-driven women.

As the D'NA's website states "the boutique has emerged as an independent fashion voice in the Middle East and on the international scene" pushing fashion forward labels such as Maison Martin Margiela, Jason Wu, Veronique Branquinho, Mary Katrantzou and Osman.

Miss Vendella_Inspire me_Princess Deena Abdulaziz_Fashion Week Streetstyle
Regarding her customers, Princess Deena AlJuhani Abdulaziz told American Vogue:
“They march to their own beat. I know them. So, sometimes I’m the only retailer in the world who has bought the runway piece, because I know who will buy—and then, because of e-commerce, I’ll also get calls from Scandinavia or Australia from women desperate to track down that one brilliant thing.This is my turf. There are so many differences, between women in Dubai, and Kuwait, and Bahrain, and different cities in Saudi Arabia, where I live — they’re as different as Washington, D.C., New York City, and Las Vegas!”

Miss Vendella_Inspire me_Princess Deena Abdulaziz_Fashion Week Streetstyle

What's in my travel cosmetics bag?

Last month I turned 27 and instead of getting drunk off my ass, I decided to invest my Bday budget in something way more fun and memorable - a quick trip with close friends. The destination - Belgrade, a surprisingly modern and beautiful city with great food and lots to offer. We were there for a total of 3 days and stayed in a cozy and welcoming apartment in the heart of the city (all hail Airbnb!). It was definitely a good trip.

Besides the necessities (socks, underwear, a second pair of jeans and shoes) I took with me a small cosmetics bag filled only with the essentials - all purpose cream, hair oil, small and light foundation, deodorant, hair brush and my acne medication. A bit off topic - I never understood the need to pack half of your makeup collection when travelling somewhere. I don't think you will ever have the time for a full face-sculpting-and-baking routine, so why even bother? Can someone please explain? :)

The only beauty item I packed (but is not featured in the pictures, sorry) is my NuMe hair straightener. As a curly girl, I prefer to travel with straight hair because it's way more manageable. My everyday curly hair routine takes me about 40 minutes. That is why, instead of wasting valuable time, I prefer to quickly go trough my locks with a flat iron and not have to deal with my hair the whole day. I would love to know from other #teamcurly girls if they do the same or am I an exception?

This is the full list of things I took with me on this trip:

  • Salt of the Earth, natural deodorant
  • Bioderma Sensibio, travel size
  • Elf - Acne Fighting Foundation 
  • EcoTools - mini kabuki brush
  • Nivea Intimo, travel size
  • Tangle Teezer 
  • Clinique, Just Browsing eyebrow mascara (the best I have used so far!)
  • Clinique, Pop Lipstick (because I can't go anywhere without a red lipstick)
  • Weleda, Skin Food - an absolute must when travelling
  • Morrocan oil, travel size
  • Sephora Collection Pallet, NY (click here if you are curious to see how it looks on the inside)
  • Acne medication
  • Arm&Hammer mini toothpaste
  • cotton pads

Curly Girl's Diary | FAQs About (My) Curly Hair

За бълграския вариант на този текст, кликнете тук

Hallelujah! The first legitimate curly post is finally here! 6 years after I created the blog, 3 years after I started wearing my hair natural it's time to talk about it. Can you tell I'm super excited?!
I constantly get asked questions about my hair, my hair routine and what products I use on a daily basis and so on. After much thought and consideration, and after wearing my hair natural for about 3 years now, I decided it was high time to create a special category dedicated to curly hair. So, welcome to "Curly Girl's Diary"!

In this first post, I will be answering all your frequently asked questions.
For the category in general - I will be sharing my favourite tips and tricks I learned along the way, I will tell you more about my hair journey, how I style it, how I straighten it, what products I use and swear by, etc.

This was long overdue!
I'm bringing the funk back into the blog, baby. 

Photo: Peter Vulchev for the Ballantine's "Stay true People" project for 12 Magazine

Надникнете в гардероба ми | Разпродажба feat. Shedd

Откакто не живея с родителите си и не разполагам с гардероб и половина, навиците ми за пазаруване рязко се промениха. Започнах да се съобразявам с това че стойката ми за дрехи издържа не повече от 10 килограма, гардеробът в коридора се пука по шевовете, а чекмеджетата под леглото са отредени за спалното бельо и домашните ни дрехи.
Приех факта, че трябва да се сбогувам с любими дрехи не само, за да освободя място за половинката, но и защото е време да започна да изграждам "мой си стил", неповлия̀н от това, кое е модерно или в промоция.

Тъкмо навреме, малко преди официалната смяна на сезоните (a.k.a the new shopping season), се появи и мобилното приложение, посветено на умното 
купуване и продаване на дрехи и аксесоари - Shedd. Четете "моето спасение и решение на проблема с многото дрехи". Представете си го като нещо средно между Instagram и Pinterest, с изцяло модна насоченост и един допълнителен бонус - можете да си купите това, което виждате.