Fruity Fact Of The Day | Pomegranates

As I was eating my pomegranate I started thinking about its history, and of course I quickly Googled it and found some very interesting facts about it, that I would like to share: This sweet fruit with its characteristic tart undertones is one of the oldest fruits in existence. The first records of this fruit date back to 100 B.C. where it's thought to be native to Persia. It was mentioned even in the book of Deuteronomy in the Old Testament of the Bible. (How about that!) 

The ancient Egyptians believed the pomegranate to be a symbol of fertility and used it in a variety of food preparations. During the Middle Ages the ancient Romans used its rinds as a form of leather.

A pomegranate tree can grow up to 5 meters (fifteen feet) in height and may live for more than one hundred years. Once the pomegranate fruit is picked from the tree it stops ripening but will become more flavorful after being in storage.

Believe it or not, pomegranates are a rich source of a strong anti-oxidant class known as punicalagins which are thought to be responsible for the major health benefits of the juice. Punicalagins are though to broken down into ellagic acid, the potent anti-oxidant found in raspberries, cranberries, and strawberries which also have strong antioxidant activity. 

And lastly did you know that there is more scientific research being done on the health benefits of pomegranate than almost any other fruit, due to its potential health benefits. So the moral of the story is- eat as much as you can pomegranates and enjoy their unique and delicious flavor!

P.S And don’t forget your napkins because they tend get very messy!! :D