Random, random, random

This is a very random post, but the thing is I am at work- all alone in the office, and have nothing to do, but listen to music or watch the new episode of South park, which I must add is hilarious!!!!. heheh 
 That is why I decicded to post something random :D 
Soooo... we all have at least one girl crush. Well I have a few :D Besides Eva Mendes, Megan Fox, Penelope Cruz, Eva Longoria, J-lo, Adriana Lima and Kim Kardashian (yeah I know a lot!!!) the biggest one is definitely Beyonce! I am so in love with her- her music, her style, her fierceness ahahaha. She can bring it. Well sometimes I do think she might be trying a little bit too hard but still I don't care :D  I was her fan since the beginning of. Destiny's child and  hopefully one day I will be able to attend her concert.
I found a  link to an interview that Tyra made with Beyonce and I want to share it, so  if you are interested watch! It was very fun to watch, and i actually learned some onteresting and new things about her. Just please dont get me wrong- I like her and everything but I'm not one of those crazy people, who stalk and do not wash their hands after meeting their celebrity crush. We are all the same, well yeah they have fame and fortune, but they still use the toilet, get sick and bla bla bla. You just have to know that no matter how much you like a celebrity, you should embrace your own uniqueness!! Be happy with who you are! Of course steal some fashion ideas, make up tricks or hair styles, but remeber that you are one in a million and are as just as wonderfull!!!! ;)

Ok, so again I want to appologize if this post is a bit boring, but I have nothing to do and i thought this is a good way to kill some time! :P 
P.S I have a small haul coming up soon of just some random stuff I bought from a Chinese store yesterday. I also got my first contact lenses and I am very exited. I can finally see!! ahahahah I am short sighted and it was a pain in the butt walking around not being able to see anyone or anything….!!!! But now everything is different, it's like I have rediscovered life, as lame as it may sound :D This morning even as I was going to work, I was acting like an idiot in the subway looking around and reading everything, not giving a crap what people think just because I was feeling super duper happy :D YAY…. 
So this is my uber random post. I hope you have an awesome day, keep smiling, be positive and don’t forget to follow.

See ya soon my fabulous readers!!!

xoxo Vendella

Enjoy some of my favorite Beyonce photos I found on the interenet :)