Christmas Goodies, New Hair colour + Red Nails

I can't believe Christmas is already over... This is year i was sick, really, really sick (hence the lack of posts) and was forced to stay at home for almost 7 full days drinking nothing but tee and watching South Park non stop.

Ok so on with the post... 

2 days after Christmas I broke my nails, so i started debating if I should buy artificial nails. I started watching videos on YT to see how you put them on etc. I wasn't very sure if i should try them out just because i was afraid of the consequences. But eventually i went and bought some nails from a local Beauty store. The moment i bought them I just couldn't wait to try them out!!! :D They actually turned out really nice. My opinion is that they look natural. I do my nails the same way (shape i mean) so i was really impressed.

This is what you will find in the package besides the nails: You get nail glue, a wooden stick for the cuticles, a cleansing pad and a small nail file with two sides. The only thing i don't like is that the nails are not grouped by sizes.


After you find the wright shape,put a little bit of glue on the artificial nail place it over your real nail. Hold for about 30 sec. and then chip of the little applicator.

I wanted to do French tips but I went and colored them my favorite color. 


 Last week right after Christmas i decided i need to refresh my hair color. I used Shwarzkopf's hair color in 800 Dark Brown (Sorry but i didn't take a pic of the box it was in). This is what my new color looks like. I am really pleased with the result! :)


It is just 1 or 2 shades darker than my true hair color.

I came across a lipstick in a shade I've been wanting for a long long time :) It is by Miss Sporty in color Strip-tease. It is too sheer for me as it turns out, but still -lovess it! 


Also I bought this blush brush. It is perfect for the apples of your cheeks. The hairs are synthetic and the brush is super soft and gentle to the skin. I don't own a lot of brushes and I'm happy every time i get a new one.

Ok I know this post i getting to be a little bit longer, but bear with me please :) I want to share with you guys what i got for Christmas. Just some my favorite gifts :)

Ok so this is a real turquoise ring from the hubby for New Years. I plan on wearing it very soon. :P

I bought these booties a while back with money that my grandpa gave me for Christmas. I am absolutely in love with them. I was thinking of getting the black ones first, but i have too many black shoes. I think i made the right
decision. What do you guys think? Do you likey? :P BTW sorry but this is my only picture of the booties. Hopefully you can see them clearly and you get the idea :)

Last but not least my favorite of all! 
This is a silver ring. I love big rings that make a statement. Absolutely love it!

Hopefully i didn't bore you too much :D I still have some things to share with you guys, but i will leave them for the next post. Also I want to give a shout out to a wonderful blogger- Phoebe.
Girl, I am super happy I'm the first person to nominate you for an award. You deserve it! :)

And to all my wonderful followers and readers I wish you a fabulous New Years Eve. I wish you all the luck and happiness.

See ya next Year!!! :)))


Miss Vendella
xphoebelinax said...

your nails look beautiful!

mine are so ratty right now :P buff, file and whatnot definitely needed!

happy new year hun :)