This is what I wore on Saturday for a night on the town with friends. My hair of course looked like crap after an hour, but my make up was flawless until the end of the night!

Just please don't mind my Nike hoodie :D 

What I used:

Revlon Color stay in 180 Sand Beige
Flormar Eye shadow - N044 
Seventeen mono eye shadow - N34 white for highlighting my brow bone
Liquid eyeliner by Wet and Wild (water proof)
Avon's Super Shock mascara (still needs to be hauled and reviewed )
Pink blush
Lip gloss by Essence - Pick me up

I think I turned out a little bit whiter in the pictures, but still i like how it turned out :)

Se ya next post 

xoxo Vendella
xSplendidStar said...

Awww really pretty FOTD! You're just like me, whenever my make-up looks nice I never want to take it off! Hehe and ZOMG I use Revlon Colorstay in the same shade as you!!!!!!!! WOO!

Btw thank you for the comment! Really appreciate it :)


Sarah said...

Ohhh you look just beautiful- such a pretty and girly look! I hate taking off makeup sometimes- you think all that time and effort!!!!

The Queen of Hearts said...

You skin looks amazing here. I can't believe your wearing makeup, you can't even tell!

MissVendella said...

@ The Queen OF Hearts OMG thanks hon! I actually have very bad oily skin and try do everything in my power to fix and cover up. But your words are like butter to my ears :D