I'm back with a haul!

Well hello there my lovely followers! 
First of all Merry Christmas! I wish you happiness, love and health! 

I know I'vep been seriously MIA these past few months, but i have my reasons (besides the lack of inspiration). I want to thank you all for sticking with me for such a long time. :) Also I want to welcome all my new readers! :) I'm very happy you decided to be a part from my small bit of web space! Now on with the haul...

The oils I can't live without!
-wheat oil 
(great for very dry and split ends)
-almond oil 
(i use it my hair masks or just a few drops on clean hair for added moisture)
-jojoba oil
(perfect for scalp massages and oily skin)
-lavender essential oil 
(my new favorite product i use for my hair, skin and face. Remember that it has to be diluted in a basic oil before direct use!)

I really needed a leave in conditioner so i decided to go with L'oreal's Elseve Total Repair 5 spray conditioner. It smells very nice but it is too soon for me to tell you if there are any results.

Cristalli Liquid

I can't live without this product. It is very similar to Avon's Dry Ends Repair serum. It's perfect for all hair types. Smells divine and makes the hair shiny and silky. Also prevents from getting split ends. The consistency is very light.

I decided to try out a new straightening product. I'm in love with this stuff! My hair is so smooth and shiny after using it. And it's so easy for me to straighten my naughty curls! :D The flat iron just glides through my hair! 

Avon's true colour eyeshadow quad in "Mocha latte"
The pigmentation is very nice and the colour range is very big. I love them so much i ordered another quad and i'm thinking of getting each and every one of them! lol I have to say I'm amazed with their staying power as well. Recently I was out all night dancing and partying and when i got home (after 9 hours!) my eye make up was the same!!! I'm def using these on NYE! :D

Swatches: one swipe! 
Only number 1 tends to fade away when used, but with the help of an eyeshadow base they look fabulous. 

I actually "stole" these from the bestie! :D
She said she never used them because the colors did not suite her so i took advantage and got them for my self! :D As you can probably tell they are humongous! lol The jumbo pencils can be used as a base or just to add some color to your everyday look. I especially love the light lavender one (angel mist) because it makes my eyes look more awake and bright! :)

 As you can see the they are very creamy and the colors are very vibrant!

Maybelline's Falsies Volum' Express Black drama mascara
I just couldn't resist! And it was on sale! :D 
The details on the cap are so girly and pretty.... 

...but i'm not in love with the actual brush. 
I don't know why but i find it very difficult to put it on.The formula is not that good as the product tends to get very flaky after just a couple of hours. Yes it does give great length but that is actually all it does.... 
Next time i'll just buy the regular yellow one! 

And of course no haul will be complete without some accessories!
Don't you just love these earrings? They are so cute and go with almost everything. I'm starting to become obsessed with SIX! :D 

What did you buy recently? :) 
Love the learn what you guys think about the Mayebelline's Falsies Volum' Express Black drama mascara? Do you own it?
 Love to read your comments! ;)

Happy holidays! 

Stay fabulous



Fashion A-List | Blake Lively

I'm seriously in love with this girl's style and i love the fact she looks so down to earth and sweet! That girl is all smiles. Thumbs up for that! ;) 
Here are some of my favourite Blake Lively looks. 


p.s. Will be back to normal broadcasting soon ;) 

I want her legs! 

Before "Live with Regis and Kelly" 

Maybe it's Maybelline - Maybelline Affinitone Mineral foundation review

Last week i bought the Maybelline Affinitone Mineral foundation and have been testing it out ever since. At first i purchased the wrong shade (21 "Nude") and ended up hating the product. It was way too yellowish for my skin tone. I went looking for a light powder and ended up in a cosmetics store, where a nice lady helped me out and made me purchase the right tone for me- 30 "Sand". 

The foundation has a very light texture, it has a natural velvety finish and evens out the complexion nicely. It contains micro mineral pigments and light reflecting particles that help smooth out your skin and leave you with a complexion. It also claims that it's:

  • talc free
  • fragrance free
  • perfect for sensitive skin
  • it has SPF 18
  • it has 100% micro-mineral pigments
  • oil free

In reality it does leave a nice velvety finish. It's very light and easy to use thanks to the pump! It does leave my skin looking healthy and nice. It has  light to medium coverage. When i don't set it with powder the staying power is between 5/6 hours. Even at the end of the day my skin still feels smooth and looks nice! I don't use a face primer. I just put my moisturizing day creme or use my grape seed oil. I actually noticed that when i use the oil i end up with a more natural dewy look. 

The things i love about this product is that it's talc free, it has SPF, it is super cheap and has a pump so it's easy to use! Don't get me wrong i still love my Rimmel Matte Foundation and Revlon's Color stay, but for now i plan to enjoy the Affinitone Mineral, since this is the first foundation from Maybelline i actually like!

You can clearly see the difference between both colors. The funny thing is they are the same products but come in slightly different packages.

You can see how light and dewy it looks. Lovees it! :) (once it's blended it looks exactly like my skin!)

Hope my review was helpful.

What is your newly favourite foundation? 

Love to read in the comments!

Stay fabulous



How to use natural oils in your battle against acne

Yes, it's true, you can help your skin win the battle with acne by using natural/essential oils. 
Of course, not all types of oils are beneficial for your skin type! Some are perfect for dry and aging  skin - olive oil, apricot oilwheat oil, jojoba oil; others for sensitive skin - almond and avocado oil, since they are light and are absorbed quickly by the skin; and there are oils that are perfect for oily to combination skin types! And here is where I want to focus my attention on since a lot of us young women are suffering breakouts and have oily skin.

The best oil in my opinion (since I've been testing it out for the past few days, hence the blog post) is the grape seed oil
1.Grape seed oil contains the most powerful natural antioxidant known to man. It tightens but does not clog the pores. Its perfect if you have oily skin because it helps regulate the skin's natural balance and also helps with burns, wounds and infections! It is also called basis oil. It can be used on its one or with mixed other essential oils.


2. Rose oil is one of the best options among the essential oils. It has a nice aroma and not only clears the skin but it also prevents from breakouts. However, it's not suitable for people with dry or sensitive skin as it will make the skin more dry and flaky.
I'm actually lucky because my country is the true origin for all rose based oils and creams, so its not a problem for me to find natural rose oil! ;)


3. Lavender oil is very healing and soothing. The oil of lavender helps to treat redness and itching. But remember never to use lavender oil directly onto your skin. Always dilute it with grape seed oil or jojoba oil!


We all know that the 4.Tea tree oil is perfect for oily and acne prone skin. It contains ingredients that kill bacteria and is used to clean wounds. Before you apply it to the skin, remember to mix it with a basic oil. The best option is to mix 2 drops of tea tree oil with 30 ml. aloe vera, or you might suffer from dry and itchy skin.


For the past few weeks, i got really obsessed with all natural skin/hair products (hence all my recent posts). I really think natural oils and products help my skin and hair feel and look a lot better. I've actually discovered that I don't need a moisturizer before I put on my foundation. It goes a lot smoother and looks way better when I have my grape oil on. I use a small cotton disk, put a few drops of the oil leave it for about 5 min and continue with my makeup routine. My face looks more awake and dewy! :) I've been getting compliments on how radiant my skin is as of lately. I strongly believe the oil is "to blame".
I hope you find my post interesting and helpful! 
It's all for you - my fabulous readers!

I would love to read your comments.

Are you willing to give natural oils a shot? 

What is your take on going "au naturelle"?

Stay fabulous



Some good EOTDs from the past week

I've been rocking the "pop of color" look for the past few days now, before i got seriously sick.... T_T

Green is definitely my favorite color, but I've been switching it up with blue, purple and gold. Once I tried baby pink but after a couple of hours the color faded away and I looked like I haven't been getting enough sleep! haha
You already know black eyeliner is my best friend lol This look takes me about 5 min! :)

You already know about the brows :D I'm getting very impatient, though. I sooo want them to look good already, but I never have the time to go to a pro....

And as per usual my favourite look - simple and sexy the neutral cat eye
is def my go-to makeup look. Especially when I'm in the mood! :)
Perfect for work, university and date night with the bf. 

Hope you enjoyed! 

Stay fabulous my lovely readers



DIY | Lighten your hair with natural products

If you are like me - obsessed with your hair, then this post is definitely for you!

Recently, I had a not-so-wonderful experience with hair dye (yes, yes I dyed it again). I actually wanted to make my hair lighter and get rid of the red undertones, but it turned out really dark brown. The colour is nice but definitely doesn't suit me.
So since I no longer want to dye my hair (but I still want to make it lighter!) I thought why not find an alternative method. I spent a lot of time researching and trying to find some home-made recipes that might help. I stumbled upon some very nice masks that not only will better the condition of your hair, but will make it lighter with 1-2 tones (at least this is what people are claiming). I'm currently in the process of testing them out.

Girl, where are you?

Soo, as you can tell i, haven't been the best blogger ever, but i have a good excuse! I just started school and i'm trying to balance work, boyfriend and university... 

Asloooo I'm in the process of updating my blog! Hopefully, until the end of the month, i will be able to share with you my new layout, header etc. I'm super duper excited! I actually got a talented friend to help me out since I'm no computer genius! :D So yay for that!! :) 

I'll be posting some random EOTD'S and whatnot, and of course, I will keep you posted. 

Last but not least I want to thank all you fabulous people who have been commenting on my random posts! You guys are the best! 
I have the best followers evar! hehe ;) 

Stay fabulous my darlings!



Guest spot on BeInStyle Online and DIY Headband

Do you guys remember that I promised you a DIY post on a headband in one of my previous posts? 
Well, I'm very proud and happy to share with you that post. 
You can head out to "BeInStyle Online" or just click "Heads up ladies".
It all started not long ago, when I was contacted by one of their representatives  for a guest blog opportunity and to present me with their Style award (you've probably had already seen the badge on my blog). I was really excited and honored. Actually, this was the first time I've been invited to do an article for an online magazine. Hopefully, there will be more to come in the near future. ;) 
I have to admit I was very nervous if they would like my idea, but from what I received information this was actually their first DIY project! *YaY*  
I'm very happy to share with all of you guys. Hopefully, you will enjoy my article and find it helpful and amusing!
Head on to BeInStyle Online to check out my post! 

Once again I want to thank the people from "BeInStyle Online" for this great opportunity!

Thank you for reading!

Stay fabulous


A very special happy birthday to.....

...my blog! :)

(images Google) 

Its been one year since I've joined the blogger community! On this date 2009 i, posted my first entry...actually my first 4 entries! lol 
It feels like it was just yesterday! I just want to say thank you to you fabulous people out there that make this experience what it is! I love sharing my thoughts, hopes, views on the world, make up, fashion etc! 
My blog is like a personal drawer where you can find whatever your heart desires! I welcome everybody who want to have a peek inside! This is my wacky pink world where i really do share all the things that i love, even though sometimes they might be a little bit shallow! :D

Thank you all for being a part of my journey! :)

Stay fabulous!



Fashion A-list | Miroslava Duma...Fabulous, No?

I think the whole blogger community is obsessed with this girl at the moment!

Her name - Miroslava Duma. She was the editor for Harper's Bazaar, the Russian edition and now is a freelance writer, mother and an all time fashion super star. 
What I love about her is that she is able to mix and match different styles and trends. Her style has that Patricia Filed-Sex and the city-vibe, which I adore.