Awesome, much?

Ok, ok, so I know that the hole world has been talking about the movie AVATAR and I wont be the only one left behind :D
 I watched it today with the hubby and i must say- WOW!! 
Can I be more impressed???
 The colors, the music, the characters... And that Zoe Saldana! Omg! I know her form "The Terminal" with Tom Hanks and some other movies and I loved her ever since, but in this movie she was just WOW. I think this is the actual reason for me liking this movie so much (besides off course the love story and blah blah) 
Of course there were some things in the movie that bugged me, but still- awesomeeeee!!! I think I will be reminiscing about it whole week. Do you guys do that or is it just me? Lol :D  

So here are some random pics I found in the Internet of Zoe Saldana. She looks so down to Earth and fabulous at the same time. The hubby thinks she is cute, but i think there is something magnetic about that girl!! 
What do you guys think? Would like to know if you liked the movie as much as i did. 
Btw sorry for this random and pointless post but i really wanted to share my thoughts with you guys. 
Cant wait to see it in actual 3D!!! :)))) 
So know enjoy the beauty that is Zoe Saldana :) And btw2 i really like her style, I'm thinking of including her in my favorite fashionistas list. :)



Have a great week my fabulous readers and followers!! :)


tenxx said...

i think she's great! fierce but amazing.
avatar = best movie ever! x

charlene-ann said...

ahhh she`s beautiful &&& AVATAR was amazing...=) new follower of your blog & thanks for all the comments =D

xphoebelinax said...

omg i didn't knkow it was her when i went to watch avatar and was so shocked that it was! she is sooo stunning!

Sarah said...

She is stunning! I LOVE love LOVE her in Centre stage- she has this attitude and is just sassy as hell! Love her :)

Linda Phuong Tran said...

i've not seen avatar yet! and i need too xD. ahh she is absolutely beautiful! X