Award Time | Over The Top Tag and Lovely Blog Award

Hello my fabulous readers and followers! :)) Sorry I've been delaying this post but i was being lazy. Tennille did the "Over The Top Blog" tag and tagged everyone who hasn't done it yet, so i thought why not. :) I also tag everyone who hasn't done it yet. The tag is super fun to do :)

1. Where is your cell phone? On the bed.

2. Your hair? In a bun
3. Your mother? In the next room
4. Your father? The person i love the most
5. Your favorite food? Ice cream :D
6. Your dream last night? Fucked up....
7. Your favorite drink? Mojito!!!
8. Your dreams? Be happy and accomplish my goals
9. What room are you in? My room, which is super messy lol
10. Your hobby? Making jewelry
11. Your fear? I'm afraid of the dark...seriously
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Having an awesome job and getting all my degrees.
13. Where were you last night? At home
14. Something you aren't? Evil
15. Muffins? Chocolate
16. Wish list item? Too much :D
17. Where did you grow up? Sofia, Bulgaria :) 
18. Last thing you did? Drank coffee
19. What are you wearing? Still in my pjs :D 
20. Your TV? Is no longer in my room 
21. Your pets? Is a cat. I love him to death! :)
22. Your friends? Rock!!
23. Your life? In a rut 
24. Your mood? mehh..
25. Missing someone? Yes....
26. Vehicle? The subway :D
27. Something you are wearing? a silver bracelet
28. Your favorite brand? L'oreal and Garnier :)
29. Your favorite color? black, purple, pink, green, baby blue.
30. When do you laugh? when i feel like it :P.
31. Last time you cried? yesterday...
32. Your best friend? i have 3 best friends and i don't get to see them very often now ;( 
33. One place that I go over and over? the mall - the bf works there
34. One person who emails me regularly? does spam count? :D i actually don't check my e-mail very often...
35. Favorite place to eat? too many :D


One Lovely Blow Award Rules - Post the award on your blog. Link the person who has given you the award.Pass the award and remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they've been nominated! First of all i would like to thank Jimin Choe @ http://alittlebitofevrything.blogspot.com for giving me this award. Thank you hun! You put a smile on my face! Go check her out, she is such a cutie! :) Ok so i nominate...drum roll please.... all my followers, who have blogs! :) Thank you guys for making the time to read my blog and leave such sweet comments! You definitely make me smile.


Katie Ngo said...

ooh awesome award love! Will do it when I have time, hopefully soon! <33

justaddaccessory said...

thank you girl!!!great award!!!

Froso said...

Congrats on the award! I am your new follower, I hope we'll keep in touch, kiss!

Anna said...

thank you.that's nice :D

Natalija said...

Congrats on your new award!

Zanah said...

Congrats on your awards :) Mon Mode Blog

Makeup By Lauren P said...

Sorry I haven't gotten back to you hun! I am honored that you nominated/tagged me for these awards! Thanks so much!! xoxox hope all is well with you...I haven't been blogging lately because I hired a company to remake my site...so hopefully within this week you will see a new design at makeupbylaurenp.com! =)

Nikki said...

Hello there!! :)
I'm a new reader of your blog :) really looking forward to more of your posts hehe!

btw, i'm currently having a blogsale & a valentines day giveaway. please check it out when you have time


LOVE, Nikki

ryder said...

i always just write be happy in my life goal cuz i dont wanna jinks other goals. lol.

AVY said...

I have a spanish friend who pronounces Mojito in a really funny way. Moschito.