Fashion A-list | Hillary Duff

I feel the need to start sharing my favorite fashionistas and trendsetters.
Today's first edition: Hillary Duff

Hillary Duff, born September 28, 1987 is an American actress and singer. We know her from "Lizzie McGuire" from the Disney channel. Currently she is filming "The Business of Falling in Love", a romantic comedy, which I actually can't wait to see.

I must admit, I 'm not very found of her singing, but I am in love with her style. The girl knows her stuff! :) But the best part is that she isn't afraid to accessorize. This is something I love doing too, because lets face it - accessories can make a plane outfit stand out! In my opinion Hillary always manages to look clean and cute. For special events she opts for a more classy, sexy and sometimes even edgy looks. I say "Bravo" for that. 

Here are some of my favorite "Hillary" looks :)


 Very feminine look for an interview at Much Music

 Love the earrings!

A bit edgy for her, but still very sexy

I'm not crazy about the red dress she wore to a DKNY fashion show but I'm in love with the earrings! 

Even on the go she manages to look cute and sexy at the same time. 
Love this outfit and especially the big earrings

 A great casual look
Love the hole look- from hair and make up to accessories

Too cute! :) 
 (images taken from Google)


tenxx said...

loveeee hilary duff, she's so great!
she's an amazing role model & really naturally beautiful.
love her movies too :)

Imo said...

I LOVE the golden smokey eyes she always does! love her style too :)

Sarah said...

Oh she look so stunning in all of these photos!!! I never really noticed how much of a little fashionista she is!!

xphoebelinax said...

i love her! she's so beautiful! :D great post hun :)

xSplendidStar said...

Ohh I loveee Hilary Duff! I just don't hear much about her anymore as I used to or maybe it's just me. I first knew her from Lizzie Mcguire and I thought 'I want to look just like her!'. Ahh I loved that show, I think I must have watched all the episodes :D & when she left she started doing these kind of love/relationship movies. My absolute faves are The Cinderella Story and The Perfect Man. I always thought she was gorgeous then but now I guess she became a fashionista and am still not so used to it lol I'm used to her cutie image XD~ Nevertheless she's awesome!!!

Ohh and about the UGG boots, omd I worn them on a day and it started raining. The water just penetrated through the boots and onto my socks soooooooo quickly!!! They were all soaked T_______T I heard that the real ones are so much better and so they don't soak your feet wet. I tried them on once and there is such a big different in the quality. LOL I guess my cheap fake Uggies are only good for dry days T_T


Jess said...

shes got a cool casual and chic style (wow so many c's haha!)