Hapy New Year + FOTN

I wish you all lots of luck, love and happiness. :))

It's 11:00 in the morning, January 2nd 2010. I am sitting in front of the computer wondering what to do next. I feel strange. It is already New Year. 2009 passed so quickly....Oh well. I had a nice NY, but honestly I think i could have done better... but still. :) Received some presents i was not expecting which is always a good thing hahah. How was your NYE? Would very much like to know.
Ok so on with my random holidayish post :D
I went for an Eva Mendes inspired make up for NYE. Dark smokey eyes with bronzed cheeks. I think I pulled it off. I'm no make up guru, but i ended up being proud of the results.
This year I didn't want to go over the top with my outfit, that is why i kept it simple and clean- jeans and a purple top and my new booties. :)

Here is my Eva Mendes Inspired look.

Hahahah i love this pic. It is super random but I still get to show off my nails. :D

Hope you enjoyed my first post for the new Years. Have a beautiful day, be happy, keep on smiling and if someone is getting on your nerves just Fudge Them! Remember happiness is within you.

xoxo Vendella

xSplendidStar said...

Aww you look lovely there! AT least you did something for the New Year, I didn't do anything (as usual) except for watching the fireworks on my non-flat TV screen! Maybe some year I'll celebrate it other than watching TV XD~

Happy New Year lovely!