Late Christmas Gifts :D

In the last couple of days I got a few late Christmas presents, from very special people, that i want to share with you guys :) The first one is from a dear friend of mine who recently came back from Germany. She was there for the holidays, drinking Gluehwein and eating Wuerstchen -lucky girl!! LOL 
Soo she brought me back some yummy goodies, which I ate the same night :D (omg I am such a piggy!! ) and these gorgeous earrings! 

 She definitely knows my style and taste! If you are reading this hun thank you! love ya :)

Next up is a beautiful bracelet from a close friend of my mom. We had her for dinner on Sunday and had a blast :) She always gets me the best things!!!  

I think this is a dragonfly? Isn't it?

I  am in love with it. Too pretty! :)

I also bought a beautiful long necklace.You can tell it's cheap and everything, but still i like it very much. It definitely makes a statement and goes perfectly with a bracelet i have. I forgot to take a pic of the bracelet but believe me they are perfect together.  


 And last, but not least, can you guess who this is :D 

Hello Kitty!!!! <33 

I picked it up in at a mini market down town. I felt like a little girl when i opened it. But isn't it too cute? Who can resist? lol I carry it around in my purse now :D

 PEZ anyone? :P