Man oh man!

Wow I'm definitely on a roll these days. Apparently being unemployed has its positives :D 
OK so it's Tuesday morning, and i woke up to see this 

Looking up at the sky...Damn it...

 Now I remember why i don't like winter... When i was little i loved playing in the snow, making snow angels etc, but every year I ended up being super sick. Slowly I started hating winter. Now I rather sweat like a little piggy than be freezing my a** off. :D On top of that i can never find boots that keep my feet warm. -__- 
....Can't wait till summer.... *sigh*

Besides all that today me and the hubby have our 2 years and 3 months anniversary, which means that i have to cross the hole town so that we can see each other. hahah lucky me! :D Oh well...
 Have a fabulous day my lovely readers! 


xSplendidStar said...

OMG! That is a lot of snow! We hardly get any here, there was only some for 2 days and that's it LOL. People get excited but I don't coz I gotta go to school in that freezing atmosphere >_< I don't mind if it's on a non-school day ^.^ Have you tried wearing UGG boots? I think they're quite warm, never been cold in those but then again I haven't tried them in minus degrees weathers LOL

Happy Anniversary!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day :D


Céline J. said...

There's snowing in Paris too :)