New Years Resolutions

This year I hope that i will/shall/can/be...

1. Smile more.

2. Be calm.

3. Believe more in me.

4. Loose 6 kg 

5. Just live life to the fullest!

6. Spend more time with my loved ones.

7. Stop spending money on shit i don't need.

8. Reply to number 7: Buy a new keyboard, mouse etc.! :D 

9. Clean my room more often.

10. Think before i act! 

11. Won't be so obsessed with FB, celebrities and stupid shit.

12. Complain LESS!! Really people you should go read Cheri's post it really made me think!!! Seriously....Read it, that girl knows her stuff.

13. Be thankful for every little thing!

14. Buy a Nikon/Canon camera.

15. Spend more time on my hobbies.

Wow I think i kinda went over board, but i know i will succeed. Number 3 already in progress.

Would love to know your resolutions. :)

xoxo Vendella 
Mz_Aphrodisiac said...

Mostly all your resolutions are my resolutions too! =)

xphoebelinax said...

oh my honey, i know what you mean, i need to lose like a good 15kg... i never stick to my new years resolution but :(