Skin Care Regiment

First of all let me start by saying I have really, and i mean really, shitty skin. I had acne since I was 12 and suffered from it a lot. T_T I still have acne scaring on my face which i try to battle every single day. I've tried almost everything there is, but no results. I tried Vichy- it made my skin itch and did not do much for my skin condition. I tried Avene- OMG!!! My skin was looking horrible after just 3 days of use. I immediately threw everything away! I also have tried L'oreal's products for oily skin- nothing special.-__- I even tried Clean and Clear - the most shittiest product of them all! But recently I noticed that my skin was getting better so I stuck with the things I was using hoping that they will help me, and guess what they did!! *YAY*  
Actually I understand now - the simplest the skin regiment, the better the results! 
So what do you think it is? Yes!!! Garnier!!! Not very expensive and does the job perfectly. ^__^ Hell yeah that is what i am talking about!!! Ok so these are the things that I am using right now. But I have to say that they work for me, they may not work for you! This is what i find to be the best for my stressed out skin. 

This is their new "line" Pure Active. They claim their products get rid of black heads. I don't know about that but they deff help with breakouts! :)) Hurray

From left to right:
1. 24h hydrating moisturizer
2. Pimple reducing toner with salicylic acid 2%
3. Blackheads uprooting scrub.It has little beads in side and is very soft to the skin.

I remove my eye make up with simple baby wipes and/or Nivea make up remover,which does wonders to my skin! :)


Twice a month i will do this Dead sea mineral mud mask from AVON. It smooths out the skin and it leaves it refreshed and clean. 
Hahah sry that the package is all gross! :D  


Once a week I do this clay mask: I mix a little bit of clay with yogurt or just water and leave it for about 10 min. After that rinse with water. It smooths the fine lines and dries any imperfections. 


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And if the situation gets really out of hand i do the ever so popular aspirin mask. And YES it does work.
So this is my skin Regiment guys. I just wanted to share my experience with battling acne you and hopefully even help you.:)

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xphoebelinax said...

thanks for showing us your skincare routine hun :) i agree the simpler the better! :D glad to see some positive stuff about garnier because i have heard horrible stuff on it before!

alittlebitofevrything said...

thanks for sharing! i'm glad you found the right skincare line for you :) and i wanted to thank you craaaaaazy late for nominating me for that blogger award, i've just been putting it off forever! i'm sorry :(

i hope you're having a wonderful new year :)

Eternally Fixated said...

girl I lovee ur blog!!!! Great Products!!

Pls check out our Fashion/Celebrity Gossip Blog

<3 Ladies of EternallyFixated

Sarah said...

Ohh I have never really tried out Garnier before I will have to do so I think! I HATE my skin- just hate it, so I feel your pain there, it just never seems to end.
Atleast you have found something that works for you, that is fantastic!! :) xo

Imo said...

I find the garnier stuff used altogether really drying. I used it around my eyes and they became rally flaky and sore...dont make my mistake :l