Quick Update

Monday morning, well almost noon. I'm sitting in front of the computer in my KORN t-shirt, drinking coffee and having Doritos Nacho Cheese for breakfast - like a real lady, I know!
I just took off my artificial nails because they were getting on my nerves. I must say that my real nails don't look as bad as I thought. I didn't take any pictures just because i wasn't in the mood. 

Ok so officially the holidays are over, but since I am no longer working I have time to take care of my own s***. Finally I can clean my room *Hallelujah*, spend time with my fiends and blog more. As you can already tell i started playing around with the blogs layout, but i still can not make up my mind where should i put my profile info box as well as everything else. Left or Right, that is the question :D. Guys please help me choose, which do you think is better left or right. I really can't make up my mind. 

Well my lovelies this was my quick update. I have some cool things to show you guys, so keep coming back for more. Don't forget to follow and have a beautiful day and a stupendous week :)  


tenxx said...

hope you have an amazing week darling!
& who cares if loving snoopy & hello kitty is immature, it's all in good fun

Miss Vendella said...

@tenxx true, true :D