Cant wait for Spring!

I just recently discovered polyvore.com and I simply love it. 
So today I had a lot of time on my hands and I thought why not spend some time and goof off. hehehe :)

Hope you enjoy my style ideas. 
I'm not into being all crazy and edgy, so everything is very toned down and girly :)

Who doesn't love maxi dresses!!

 Girly and flirty

Sporty yet cute

casual Sunday


I love Alexander McQueen!


xSplendidStar said...

Ohhhhh I gotta love your '<3' one, very chic style ^_^

I am actually not looking forward to spring much >_< because that is the season where I have a huge outbreak of hayfever which is not every nice >_< and it happens every single year!!!!!! I prefer autumn ^_^ if only I didn't have hayfever then I would have lovedddddddd spring!!!

Hope you been well Vendella :)


L○O whisper O○ve said...

I love polyvore.com when I have free time I love to do some styles there just for fun and I definitely love your style ideas especially "casual Sunday" :)