I think its been months since my last post lol. I know i haven't been paying attention to my blog in quite some time,and i do apologize, but I've been looking for a new part time job and its been crazy. Not only that but my birthday is coming soon, also Valentines day etc. And on top of that we are bit snowed in. Yesterday the weather was crazy, it snowed 12 hours non stop. We had 30/40 cm snow which is 15,75 inches i think (i googled :D ), the cars were stuck in traffic, it was a disaster, but despite the weather conditions me and the bf went to buy me my early birthday present and the result was me getting a little bit sick...again!!! -__- So here i am today in bed, watching the first season of The war at Home (i love that show...why does Fox cancel everything that is good? T_T) and i thought i would do a short update for you guys. 
Also i want to say thank you to all my new followers! :) You guys put a big smile on my face :) I am planning on sharing what i got from the bf but in my next post. Until then stay fabulous, don't forget to follow and be happy :) 

P.S I would like to ask my BG readers something: Do you guys want me to start doing updates and post in Bulgarian as well? Would very much love to know. :)


Katie Ngo said...

ahh your back. Missed you lots love! :] Omggg, over here was a winter storm too. I'm suprised I'm still alive because I almost died 3 times. The scariest was when my car went on top of a snow hill? Makes sense? :XXX Like on the highway it literally landed on top of a snow hill. I'm so scared to drive now but no choice. Stay warm love!

nana said...

Hey, welcome back :-)
Thanks for the adorable comments, but i hate to break it to you, i dont have amazing skin. i wish i did though.

streetlighteyes said...

eee I always love your posts! Can't wait to see what you got for your early birthday present ;)

I am so jealous of your snow! You might be snowed in but we are dying of heat in Australia and I, being a Winter person, am suffering!


Tineasha said...

yayy! you are back:D
I am glad I don't live somewhere where it snows lol. I couldn't handle that cold weather..brrrr

xSplendidStar said...

Awww I have been away too so I missed some of your posts >_< But don't worry coz Linh is on a mission to read them all!!!!! Thank you so much for the other award you gave me :) Really appreciate it! I'm still on a verge of doing some tags but I just don't have the time and somehow they require a lot of thinking since most of them are questions hehe but I will get it done someday. Probs going to put it all in one post! Wow gonna be some long uhm post XDDD

Happy Early Birthday btw!!! :D Gotta let us know what you got ^_^

Funnily enough it snowed a bit today. Uh really don't like snow. I now have a sore throat >_< *sigh* silly billy weather. Feb is really not for snow T___T



i hear you girl, sometimes it can be challenging managing to find time to write a blog entry, i get like that also. Oooh how exciting, your b-day is coming soon! then v-day is around the corner and fashion week too, this is a crazy month!

Miss Vendella said...

omg girls thank you for the wonderful comments. You make me smile!!!! :))) kissing you all and wishing you a fabulous week! :))