What I Love Doing II

Last week me and two friends went on a one day road trip- we went to the second biggest city in the country, Plovdiv ,which actually was my first time there. 
It was quite exciting and was part of my Birthday present from one of them. The second part of my present was taking me to a shop with all kinds of beads and stuff you use to make necklaces, earrings, bracelets etc. I was told to choose what ever i want! You can imagine how exited i was! :) I ended up picking up a lot of things, which I'm about to share with you :) Before i continue i just want to say thank you to my wonderful friend Sinti :) Love ya :)) :*

This is just a small part of the things i picked up. 

I'm absolutely in love with the butterflies, but i am still wondering what to do with the orange ones. Any ideas? 

As you can see i made a ring out of the beautiful leopard butterfly. :) 
I like how it turned out- a big girly ring. :P

turquoise earrings... simple yet lovely

black butterfly earrings which match perfectly with a bracelet and a heckles i already own.
sry for the crummy picture quality :(

I also made this charm bracelet. The charms are so cuteeee! 
We even found Hello kitty ones!! Yay lol

Look how cute these are. I especially love the little kitchen utensils. 

 Here are some other things made for myself. 
Some of them are made last year but i really love them so i thought i would share. Hope you like them. :)

I love this bracelet. In the summer i tend to wear it a lot. It goes with almost all my summer clothes. :) 
As you can tell i am quite fond of earring and bracelets :D 

I wore the earrings and the bracelet on NY Eve. 
I was actually inspired from the Baroque period as i was watching a special on the History channel. I really love them and so does the bf. :) 

Indian inspired earrings

Some girly earrings i made a few months ago. I have only worn them ones, don't know why...lol

Another hand made butterfly themed accessory. :D

And last but not least some random earrings i made with the help of my hot gun. I still haven't worn them but i keep them in my collection just in case. :) 

Hope you enjoyed the post and thank you for stopping at my blog. Have a wonderful day my fabulous readers. 


Cherish said...

You are very talented, the butterfly ring is gorgeous xxx

Miss Vendella said...

aww thanks girl :) hehe i am glad i am not the only one who likes the ring :D

AVY said...

Cute stuff.

nana said...

This jewelry is amazing! very talented!