too much randomnessss...

As i promised guys i have some pics to share with you :) 
The pics are super random- FOTD, EOTD and others :P Enjoy :D

just pls don't mind my very shitty skin 
(ohh and this was my first attempt at fixing my eyebrows...)

This is a day time Kim K inspired look. (very subtle and simple)

*insert stupid dorky pic here*

Some random going to work day look. 
Actually i wanted it to be a little bit darker, but i used a brown pencil instead of black. I do this look when I'm in a hurry, or just don't feel wearing too much make up :)

 nail art :P

I'm still taking pictures and stuff, but i don't have the time to upload them just because i have to go to the bfs house and use his precious! :D
Soo keep coming back for more, i promise i will do my best :))

Thanks for reading my random shit :D 
hopefully soon i will be back to normal blogging!!! (keep fingers crossed)


D's Beauty Corner said...

Holy crap, you have amazing lashes! lol

TKOmulatta said...

nice pix! love your lashes so long and pretty!

Marie said...

You've got some amazing long lashes!:D

Will now be following you, follow my blog too?:D

...and everything girly under the sun!

tenxx said...

you have gorgeous eyebrows & eyelashes!
lovely pics x x