D.I.Y Madness | How to make your own headband from old fabric in 8 easy steps

I will show you how to make your own flirty and pretty summer headband in 8 easy steps :) 

Hope you like my D.I.Y project!

Step 1: Pick a pattern you like 

Step 2: Cut several square shaped pieces

Step 3: Cut some of them into hearts....

...you should end up with something like this

Step 4: Cut several other pieces like this

Step 5: Fold the little square pieces. Then "wrap" around them 2 or 3 heart pieces. It should look something like this :)

Step 6: When you get the desired shape feel free to glue or saw them together. 
(I used a hot glue gun)

Step 7: After that glue or saw the "flowers" to an elastic band. 
And there you go! You have a pretty summer headband. :) 

Step 8: Enjoy your new hair accessory! :) 

And here's how it looks on me :)

I had a lot of fun doing this and I really hope you like the end result as much as i do :)



oh wow1 that looks GREAT! how long did it take you? I'm not sure if I have the patience to do it myself ;)

Miss Vendella said...

well only 20 min actually. I love diy projects actually, so it wasn't frustrating or anything. :P :)

Sarah said...

Oh wow!! What a clever cookie you are!!! You should so sell these :)

Hell Notes for Beauty said...

How cute and easy to make. Gorgeous!

Polina Bilokonna said...

Това е направо ултра-сладко! Поздравления!