*Summer stories*

Nature's hidden charms :)

Outside the capital Sofia. 
Taking a stroll near our summer villa, just before the sun started to set.
Sometimes you just need to get away from it all and enjoy life and nature!

pretty boy ;)

In a lovely public park in the city. :)

Playing around with my zoom...

and again....

Enjoy nature! Feel the summer! :)


sehr gut!! Do you now what we did last week??

I know this is kind-a of a beauty blog, but  i must share my awesome, truly amazing experience last week- I went to see Rammstein live (for those who don't know they are a very popular German industrial metal band).
This was their first concert in Bulgaria. It was unbelievable!!!!! 
Sadly i didn't bring my camera with me... 
I actually wasn't going to be at the concert but the bf found me a ticket in the last minute (lucky me). 
This is by far probably the best gift i have ever received!!! :)))
It was Am-ah-zing!!!!!!! 
Actually it was a two day rock festival. 
Some of my friends were there both days, but i personally wanted to see and hear Rammstein live. 
I don't know what else to say so i will just leave you to enjoy some photos from the event.

These pics were taken with the bf's phone.

 The next two pictures are taken from the official Facebook fan page of Sonisphere festival. Go and check it out if you like ;)

they blew our minds!!! 

Pic from Avtora.com


 The poster for the event

And last but not least video from the concert. 
(Not mine obviously) 

Rammstein - Ich Will (live in Sofia, Bulgaria / June 23, 2010)

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Update, a small haul and some EOTDs and FOTN

Soo as you know my computer broke and i still can't find the time (*ahem* and money) to fix it. This is the actual reason for the lack of posts. 
But since the bf is so good to me and allows me to use his computer, I am able to bring you another one of my goofy posts. heheh :) 

I wanted to share some of the good make up looks i did in the past month. And of course to share some new stuff that i bought. Everything is drugstore, but grate quality! Love me some cheap and neat finds. hehe :P

Now on with the make up section. 

This is another one of my "kinda inspired by Kim Kardashian" looks.
It is very natural and i think it compliments my face :) Also I've been wearing my hair in a high pony tail a lot these past few weeks, but i cant get my baby hairs in place, no matter what products i use  -____-  You can clearly see that in the picture, as well as some shitty thing in the background that i wasn't able to photoshop out! lol My brows look weird as usual, but i am getting used to not liking them so much :D I follow Michelle Phan's saying - they should be sisters not twins lol (btw sry for the not so good quality pictures but i think my camera is dying on me ;()

You know i love me some liner and pink blush! 
Easy, fast and classy! What more can i want?

Next look: Pop of color 
When i am in a hurry or just don't know exactly what to wear this is my go to look - black eyeliner and a pop of color on the lower lids. 

As you already know i am a bit messy when it comes to make up. I hardly ever do any experiments. When i do i don't always get the look i was going for. But I think this is one of the days i was kinda happy with the results ;)

I used a neutral base color, some lilac and brown for the crease, as well as a champagne color on the ball of my eye to bring more ligh.

For all the looks i used drugstore eye shadows. 
Currently i am in love with some very cheap ones, but man oh man are they gorgeous. Keep on reading to see... :P


Miss Sporty eyeshadows - I think they are and English brand. A bit too powdery but with the right base i get very nice results.

The lilac color is number 106 and its called "Luxury Reborn" (weird name) and the white color is number 109 - "Star".

"Luxury Reborn" 
 One swipe 

Swatch without a base! Natural light. 
I think the color is to die for.

One swipe 

The perfect highlighting color! 
Swatch with no base what so ever. Natural light

I also decided it was high time i bought me a concealer brush.This was actually purchased from a craft store.

Of course what is a haul without Avon products?:D
The pink bottle is a body spray. It smells like raspberries! Such a summery smell, i simply love it. The other bottle is a leave in moisturizing conditioning mist hair spray with avocado and almond oils for damaged and dry hair. 
The smell is amazing! You can use it on both dry and wet hair. It detangles and makes combing easier. I usually use it when i am doing a braid out :) the only thing i don't like is that the actual spray thingy does not work properly!

Clearly i was in a very "girly/summery" mood when i bought these flowers! :D I usually hate these kind of things but....

... i thought why not use them as a hair accessories!  (thanks to itsjudytime on YT) You just need to stick a hair pin and the flower stays in place! :)

like so...

Are you guys still here ? :P 
You know my hauls vary from one or two things to billion of random stuff! lol

Moving on... :)

I got me some rose water which is my go to in the summer!
I used to use Vichy's thermal water spray with minerals but i decided to stick with natural rose water. It does wonders for my skin. And you can use it instead of MAC's Fix Plus! :) A cheap alternative. I just pour some in a little spray bottle and i can carry it around in my purse. The other bottle is "Syoss Heat protect" spray. Until now i was using Loreal's version but decided to switch things up.

On the bottle it says that it shields the hair and protects from heat up to 200 degrees. it also says "without stickiness" which is not quite true. I have used it twice, the first time my hair felt quite sticky, the second not so much, but still! I still don't know if i like it.

Last but certainly not least - earrings!
How cute are these purple butterflies? They are so light it's freaking unbelievable.

*bling bling*
Fake but gorgeous!

Wooden, very heavy but pretty :)

I have a lot of other things to share, but i know it will be too much for one blog post. I just got some new stuff from Avon, my first automatic face brush, some cute shoes, t-shirts and dresses, but will share them with you later on.
I don't want to bore you out :) I also have some new posts coming up - Favorite summer products, Beauty secrets and Clear skin, some pictures from the past weekend trip and of course random hauls, so keep coming back for more :)

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