sehr gut!! Do you now what we did last week??

I know this is kind-a of a beauty blog, but  i must share my awesome, truly amazing experience last week- I went to see Rammstein live (for those who don't know they are a very popular German industrial metal band).
This was their first concert in Bulgaria. It was unbelievable!!!!! 
Sadly i didn't bring my camera with me... 
I actually wasn't going to be at the concert but the bf found me a ticket in the last minute (lucky me). 
This is by far probably the best gift i have ever received!!! :)))
It was Am-ah-zing!!!!!!! 
Actually it was a two day rock festival. 
Some of my friends were there both days, but i personally wanted to see and hear Rammstein live. 
I don't know what else to say so i will just leave you to enjoy some photos from the event.

These pics were taken with the bf's phone.

 The next two pictures are taken from the official Facebook fan page of Sonisphere festival. Go and check it out if you like ;)

they blew our minds!!! 

Pic from Avtora.com


 The poster for the event

And last but not least video from the concert. 
(Not mine obviously) 

Rammstein - Ich Will (live in Sofia, Bulgaria / June 23, 2010)

Thanks for stopping by and reading, 
I will be back with normal blog posts next week until then