I love me some Avon!

So as you all know by now I'm a big fan of AvonI like their skin and body products and most of their make up collections. Last month i thought it was high time to try out some of their hair stuff. And of course i couldn't resist and I also purchased few other things. These past few weeks I have been testing out the products in order to give an honest review. If you are interested keep on reading. :)

1.  Advanced Techniques "Keep Clear" oxygen scalp treatment
I have dry and sometimes even slightly itchy scalp so this product is great for me. It comes out like foam and you just rub it on to your scalp. It has a lightly stinging feel to it but it's worth it. I did see some improvement in my scalp.
Verdict: I am super happy with the result and i will probably purchase it again.

2. Advanced Techniques Mirror shine spray 
Who doesn't love shiny healthy looking hair? I thought that with the help of this spray I will have gorgeous shiny hair, but i was very disappointed. The product smells funny and leaves your hair sticky and stiff.
Verdict: A big no, no.

3. Avon Solutions Total radiance 
I just love it! It is a tinted moisturizer perfect for every skin type has SPF 20 and gives such a nice glow.

 Definitely repurchasing it very soon.

4. Avon Clearskin Pore penetrating gel 
Nice smell, not enough beads in the gel itself. Actually my cap broke after the second use which was a little disappointing. I'm not sure if it does the job ok. 

Verdict: Not buying it again.

Some make up products! :)

1. Automatic glitter eye pencil in "Black diamonds" 
I know the word glitter sounds a bit scary but this pencil actually looks good. The thing is it's a little bit dry for my lids. It does not go as smooth as i would of imagined it to.

Verdict: nothing special, not worth the money. nice color - very bad payoff. 

2. Plump pout lipgloss 
This gloss actually makes your lips look bigger, something i'm not a big fan of just because i like my lips as they are. The color payoff is nice, but the brochure was a little but misleading with the swatches!

Verdict: Still trying to fall in love with it....

3. ColorTrend concealer
One of the best concealers I have ever used.

I repurchase it every 2 months!

4. Pink eyelash curler
Waste of money. Does absolutely nothing and it pinched my eyelid!

Verdict: Do not buy this crap!

Plump pout in "Pink Pucker"

Not that bad of a color...

The "glimmer stuck"

It looks pretty but its a nightmare to put it on!

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Helpful Tips For Dry & Damaged Hair

If you have dry or damaged hair with split ends this post is definitely for you!

For as long as i remember i have had thick and dry hair. It's curly, grows slow and sheds like crazy. I used to hate my hair and i was always wearing it in a bun. I used to wear it straight every single day, but didn't moisturize, i didn't deep condition... Last year I noticed it had stopped growing and I was loosing chunks of hair... To be honest i got a little scared so i decided i would turn a new leaf. So I started watching videos on YouTube how to do "braid outs", how to maintain beautiful curls and what are the best products for my hair. Beautiful ladies from different cultures had shared their knowledge with the world. They truly inspired me! Hopefully now I will inspire you.:) And now on the post! These are my 6 hair tips, that i live by.

Tip 1. The first and most important rule is stay away from heat as much as possible! For me this is the hardest step because i love my hair straight- it feels and looks wonderful, but the damage is too big to handle.

pink lotion, yellow mascara and a teddy bear! ;D

My first Sephora haul. 
And yes i know it is just a plain lotion, but the prices here just for an angeled brush are a bit over the top 

I love the smell and the consistency. 
(it smells like strawberry bubble gum *yum!*)
The only thing i hate is that the aroma disappears after only 1 hour...

I thought it was high time I buy this mascara- Maybelline Colossal volume Express in black. 
Everybody has been loving it, but so far i still don't know if i like it or not. 
After several hours it starts falling of my lashes like black dust. 
It does definitely give you length but it does clamp. Still i love the fact that the formula is super black and actually the brush is nice. I do believe that after a few more uses it will be perfect for me. 

I am in LOVE with this brush! 
It is soft, no fall outs what so ever and grabs the colour perfectly! I mainly use it for my pearl type blushes. 

It is small and easy to work with. 
I carry it in my make up bag all the time.
The brand name is Essence, and it is my new favorite brush! :)

Introducing my new favorite toy! lol
He is from the *Forever Friends* line, and i'm a big fan. 

My bf bought it for me for no reason! 
Now, as he said, he has an excuse for not buying me flowers because quote "the bear is constantly giving you flowers! " end quote lol!! 
(smart ass)

We bought him from a Hallmark store. 
Ahhh I just love Hallmark stores! 

(image Google)

The *Forever Friends* bears are just too cute! :))

(image Google)

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Favorite summer products (part 1) and something i think you all would enjoy

1. Avon Solutions Plus Total radiance tinted moisturizer wit SPF 20.

2. Nivea Moisturizing day care cream ( for combination to oily skin ) 

3. Nivea lip care with SPF 10 ( strawberry flavor :) )

4.Oriflame Antiperspirant foot cream - Peppermint 

5. Nivea Calm and care deodorant (works wonders after shaving/epilation)

6. Avon Naturals Raspberry body spray 

Love to know what are your your favorite summer products! :) 


And now the part that i think you will enjoy! :D 

I lol-ed !! :D

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in and out summer edition :P


Dewy skin - This summer i started using mostly tinted moisturizer (Avon Solutions Total radiance with SPF 20) I'm loving the no make up look and i can tell my skin loves my new routine as well! :)

Moisturizing lip balm with SPF- I 'm using Nivea fruity shine lip balm in strawberry. It also has SPF 10 :) 

Fun colors-  for your toes and hands ;)

Maxi dresses - Who doesn't love a flowy colorful maxi dress paired with some nice sandals or even flip flops? :) 

Flip flops- sorry but i love them lol!

Messy hair- now is the time for those loose curls, beachy waves and messy hair styles :) Add a nice flower or another hair accessory and you are ready to head out.

Refreshing body mists/sprays- Best time of the year to buy a girly scented spray to keep in your purse :) 

Rose water- I'm in love with rose water. I use it as a setting spray, toner and even in some facial masks! :) Cheap and natural alternative to all other products on the market. :)

Ice cream - Not that i don't eat it during winter as well, but we all know summer goes best with ice cream

Cocktails - Especially my favorite one - Mojito! looves it!!! The perfect drink
for summer ;)

Big chunky jewels - Earrings, rings, bracelets you name it, but be careful not to over do it :P


Cream shadows- heat and cream products do not go so well together! 

Nasty odor - we all hate that! That's why i use several products that help me fight my body lol

Work- come on its summer party time :D (says the girl who is working 6 days in a row! lol)

Self tanning lotions- i absolutely hate those i always turn out orange. Till this day i still haven't found the perfect self tanner, that's why i stick with natural sunlight and/or tanning bed (and yes yes i know they are not healthy!!)

 Allergies- no comment!!!

(all pictures are from Google)

Hope you liked my in and out's i know i don't do them often (actually this is the second edition ahah) 
Love to know what are yours in and out's for this season :)

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