I love me some Avon!

So as you all know by now I'm a big fan of AvonI like their skin and body products and most of their make up collections. Last month i thought it was high time to try out some of their hair stuff. And of course i couldn't resist and I also purchased few other things. These past few weeks I have been testing out the products in order to give an honest review. If you are interested keep on reading. :)

1.  Advanced Techniques "Keep Clear" oxygen scalp treatment
I have dry and sometimes even slightly itchy scalp so this product is great for me. It comes out like foam and you just rub it on to your scalp. It has a lightly stinging feel to it but it's worth it. I did see some improvement in my scalp.
Verdict: I am super happy with the result and i will probably purchase it again.

2. Advanced Techniques Mirror shine spray 
Who doesn't love shiny healthy looking hair? I thought that with the help of this spray I will have gorgeous shiny hair, but i was very disappointed. The product smells funny and leaves your hair sticky and stiff.
Verdict: A big no, no.

3. Avon Solutions Total radiance 
I just love it! It is a tinted moisturizer perfect for every skin type has SPF 20 and gives such a nice glow.

 Definitely repurchasing it very soon.

4. Avon Clearskin Pore penetrating gel 
Nice smell, not enough beads in the gel itself. Actually my cap broke after the second use which was a little disappointing. I'm not sure if it does the job ok. 

Verdict: Not buying it again.

Some make up products! :)

1. Automatic glitter eye pencil in "Black diamonds" 
I know the word glitter sounds a bit scary but this pencil actually looks good. The thing is it's a little bit dry for my lids. It does not go as smooth as i would of imagined it to.

Verdict: nothing special, not worth the money. nice color - very bad payoff. 

2. Plump pout lipgloss 
This gloss actually makes your lips look bigger, something i'm not a big fan of just because i like my lips as they are. The color payoff is nice, but the brochure was a little but misleading with the swatches!

Verdict: Still trying to fall in love with it....

3. ColorTrend concealer
One of the best concealers I have ever used.

I repurchase it every 2 months!

4. Pink eyelash curler
Waste of money. Does absolutely nothing and it pinched my eyelid!

Verdict: Do not buy this crap!

Plump pout in "Pink Pucker"

Not that bad of a color...

The "glimmer stuck"

It looks pretty but its a nightmare to put it on!

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Marie said...

Oh my, these are a lot!:D I haven't ordered anything from Avon since 2008! I must, soon!:D

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Miss Vendella said...

@ Marie wow thats a long time ago
I'm a little bit obsessed obviously lol

Shannon said...

I agree with the mirror shine spray, the smell made me feel sick.