in and out summer edition :P


Dewy skin - This summer i started using mostly tinted moisturizer (Avon Solutions Total radiance with SPF 20) I'm loving the no make up look and i can tell my skin loves my new routine as well! :)

Moisturizing lip balm with SPF- I 'm using Nivea fruity shine lip balm in strawberry. It also has SPF 10 :) 

Fun colors-  for your toes and hands ;)

Maxi dresses - Who doesn't love a flowy colorful maxi dress paired with some nice sandals or even flip flops? :) 

Flip flops- sorry but i love them lol!

Messy hair- now is the time for those loose curls, beachy waves and messy hair styles :) Add a nice flower or another hair accessory and you are ready to head out.

Refreshing body mists/sprays- Best time of the year to buy a girly scented spray to keep in your purse :) 

Rose water- I'm in love with rose water. I use it as a setting spray, toner and even in some facial masks! :) Cheap and natural alternative to all other products on the market. :)

Ice cream - Not that i don't eat it during winter as well, but we all know summer goes best with ice cream

Cocktails - Especially my favorite one - Mojito! looves it!!! The perfect drink
for summer ;)

Big chunky jewels - Earrings, rings, bracelets you name it, but be careful not to over do it :P


Cream shadows- heat and cream products do not go so well together! 

Nasty odor - we all hate that! That's why i use several products that help me fight my body lol

Work- come on its summer party time :D (says the girl who is working 6 days in a row! lol)

Self tanning lotions- i absolutely hate those i always turn out orange. Till this day i still haven't found the perfect self tanner, that's why i stick with natural sunlight and/or tanning bed (and yes yes i know they are not healthy!!)

 Allergies- no comment!!!

(all pictures are from Google)

Hope you liked my in and out's i know i don't do them often (actually this is the second edition ahah) 
Love to know what are yours in and out's for this season :)

Have a nice week my fabulous readers! :) 



Drea. said...

I agree with you completely. Tinted moisturizer for the summer is a must! Plus the messy hair who likes to do their hair in this crazy heat because I sure don't.

Annieo said...

Aww thankyou for your comment Vendella
it's so weird to read about maxi dresses, sandals and cocktails because it is FREEZING over here in Australia, possibly the coldest winter we've ever had. I can't wait till I can relax by the beach in sandals and a glass mojito!! yummm

Miss Vendella said...

@ Drea. i knoww!!! putting on hair spray, using heat- hell no! i rather tie my hair in a messy bun than straighten it for 45 min (i have really curly and coarce hair so you can imagine what it's like)

@Annieo i really hope that soon you will be able to enjoy a nice glas of mojito and soak up the sun! :)

"L" said...

I would have to get a maxi dress this summer and a tinted moisture :)

Hell Notes for Beauty said...

I want to start using rosewater in my hair mists and facials, also self tanners are a mess and they always leave patches. Maxi dresses are great wearable for most places.

patukiii said...

I love flip-flops too!! I wear them everyday!!
I have very sensitive feet and I can't wear sandals with many strips...they will kill me...

Kristina said...

I completely agree! Especially about the self tanners! eugh I've gotten so fed up with them :/ I figure if sunning is the only detrimental thing we do to our bodies and we don't fry ourselves then it's not the end of the world. haha

I'm so glad I found your blog - I love it! Thank you for the kind comments :) xx