pink lotion, yellow mascara and a teddy bear! ;D

My first Sephora haul. 
And yes i know it is just a plain lotion, but the prices here just for an angeled brush are a bit over the top 

I love the smell and the consistency. 
(it smells like strawberry bubble gum *yum!*)
The only thing i hate is that the aroma disappears after only 1 hour...

I thought it was high time I buy this mascara- Maybelline Colossal volume Express in black. 
Everybody has been loving it, but so far i still don't know if i like it or not. 
After several hours it starts falling of my lashes like black dust. 
It does definitely give you length but it does clamp. Still i love the fact that the formula is super black and actually the brush is nice. I do believe that after a few more uses it will be perfect for me. 

I am in LOVE with this brush! 
It is soft, no fall outs what so ever and grabs the colour perfectly! I mainly use it for my pearl type blushes. 

It is small and easy to work with. 
I carry it in my make up bag all the time.
The brand name is Essence, and it is my new favorite brush! :)

Introducing my new favorite toy! lol
He is from the *Forever Friends* line, and i'm a big fan. 

My bf bought it for me for no reason! 
Now, as he said, he has an excuse for not buying me flowers because quote "the bear is constantly giving you flowers! " end quote lol!! 
(smart ass)

We bought him from a Hallmark store. 
Ahhh I just love Hallmark stores! 

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The *Forever Friends* bears are just too cute! :))

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Hope you enjoyed another one of my random posts. 
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Stay fabulous my lovely readers!