My new love!

I wanted to show off my new fabulous bag the first day I got it, but the pictures I originally took just weren't that good.

On Friday, I and friends were out and about in a nearby park.
There I found this wonderful place with old white chairs, where I found the perfect lighting. 
You can actually see part of on of the chairs in the pictures below.
These are the actual colors of the purse. It might look small, but believe me, I can put in all my stuff and there's always some free space left!
And if you want you can always through it over your shoulder, thanks to the long strap! :)
It has no brand and I bought it from a small shop in the city center. 
I just love good bargains! lol

*Click to enlarge*

*Click to enlarge*

Do you have any recent purchases you are now absolutely in love with?
Share below! :)

Take care, my fabulous readers!
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Tag , you're it!

 This or That

I was tagged by the lovely LinLin
It's like she knew I wanted to do this tag. :) So thank you girl! 
I tag all of my followers! Feel free to this guys it was so much fun!


blusher or bronzer - blush 
lip gloss or lipstick - lipgloss 
eye liner or mascara - both 

(yes yes I know I'm cheating but I can't live without both of them! )
  foundation or concealer -  definitely foundation 
neutral or color eye shadow - neutral is my thing! ;)
pressed or loose eyeshadow - pressed, if I use loose that means I'll look like a disco ball! lol
, brushes or sponges - brushes for eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, highlight etc., fingers for foundation.


OPI or china glaze - OPI, even though  I haven't tried china glaze

long or short -  my nails are awful and grow so slowly it's unbelievable but when I do have a manicure I like it to be short to medium. 
acrylic or natural - natural
brights or darks - for summer bright and fun colors, for winter more flesh toned or dark.


perfume or body splash - depends lot on
body butter - lotion, but not too oily
body wash or soap - body wash! 
lush or other bath company - pass
(we don't have Lush in Bulgaria ;( 

Although we do have a company which is very very similar to it but somehow I'm not that big of a fan)


jeans or sweat pants - jeans!
long sleeve or short - short 
dresses or skirts - both 
stripes or plaid - probably plaid
flip flops or sandals - both 
scarves or hats - mostly scarves 
studs or dangly earrings -  dangly earrings of course
necklaces or bracelets - depends in what mood i am
heels or flats - i love flats, but i can't resist a nice pair of heels
cowboy boots or riding boots - probably riding boots....hmm....not sure on this one lol

jacket or hoodie - both


curly or straight - curly is my natural hair, but i love to wear it straight
bun or ponytail - ponytail
bobby pins or butterfly clips - bobby pins 
hair spray or gel - hair wax or clay 
long or short - looooong! 
light or dark - hahahah as if I can make my mind on this one. 
Story of my life lol

side sweep bands or full bands - no bangs , but i love how the side swept bangs looks on other girls
up or down - both depending on the situation


rain or shine - shine!!! :)) 
summer or winter - Summer 
autumn or spring - Spring 
chocolate or vanilla - Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!

I would love to read your version of this tag! 
Feel free to do it and let me know! :)

Take care my fabulous readers! 



My current skin regiment + homemade masks

These past few months I was trying out different skin products and routines. I started using more natural masks and wearing less make up. Actually the results are more and more visible with each day. The only thing is that my scars still bug me...

I'm going to share some of the products that helped me and might even help you. And if you are looking for a more natural approach keep on reading. 
I've posted some nice home made mask recipes. 

(image Google) 

Purple clouds and Golden Sands

Golden Sands FOTD

I got inspired from the hot sun and golden sands! (even though this year i wasn't able to go by the sea side ;( 

I wanted to emphasize on my eyes. I used mainly drugstore products.
For the face I kept everything super simple. 
Just a light touch of blush and gloss.
As always excuse the wacky looking brows! lol 
(click on the image to enlarge)

Purple clouds FOTD

A few days ago we had the most beautiful sunset! 
The colors were amazing!  

The next morning i tried to recreate the look on my eyes! :)
I went for a very subtle, girly and clean look.

(click on the image to enlarge)



*Summer stories*

Oh how i love summer!

Hanging out with the spiders....

After the rain has fallen....




Current Hair color

My hair is a mish-mash of different colors - reddish brown, dark brown, light brown, even dark blond. I actually never went full blond or full black, and I never had highlights but I do love experimenting with different hair dyes... 
The result - i look like a raccoon. lol


(image Google) 

But this summer i thought it was high time to leave my hair alone and let the random colors grow out. For the past few months my hair got lighter thanks to the hot sun outside..  My hair is now light to medium brown (most of the time) and you clearly can see my natural highlights. For the first time this year i really love my hair. lol

Natural light

Of course my red/black undertones are still visible, but i no longer care (i think.... lol)

(sorry for the crappy pic but my room was a total mess)

What do you guys think? 
Should i leave it as it is or go ahead and dye it again, just to have one main color? Love to know what you guys think! :) 

Your comments make me happy! :)

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Have a fabulous day my lovelies! 



Favorite summer products (part 2)

Number 60

Avon's illuminating pearls

1. Nivea travel size deodorant, which i carry in my purse 
(best deodorant evar!)

2. Sephora body lotion in "strawberry raspberry" 

3. Avon's illuminating pearls 
(perfect for highlighting and recreating that fabulous summer glow!)

4. Essence lip gloss in "Soul mate" 
(it smells divine and its not sticky at all! :))

4. ColorTrend concealer by Avon

5. Nail polis by "Perfect" number 60 

6. Pure Rose water 
(the perfect natural face spray)

The perfect summer salad

  *Tuna fish salad*

What you will need:

- Tuna fish 
(I prefer tuna fish in a can in natural oils),
- Sweet corn,
- Onion,
- Fresh Lettuce,
- Cucumbers,
- Olive oil,
- Lemon juice/Vinegar
- Salt

Chop everything up, add the olive oil, the lemon juice and a pinch of salt. You can use vinegar instead of lemon juice if you are not a fan.

I've been eating this salad like crazy for the past few months. It is just too good! And its good for your diet. Tuna actually is a great health benefit. It helps you fight cholesterol and is commonly known as "brain food". The best thing is that fish is naturally rich in omega-3 and protein. 
So not only is it healthy but tasty at the same time ;) 

And it goes perfectly
 with a glass of nice white wine or my favorite Bacari breezer (Lime)

What are your favorite things to eat/drink during summer? 
Let me know! :)

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