Current Hair color

My hair is a mish-mash of different colors - reddish brown, dark brown, light brown, even dark blond. I actually never went full blond or full black, and I never had highlights but I do love experimenting with different hair dyes... 
The result - i look like a raccoon. lol


(image Google) 

But this summer i thought it was high time to leave my hair alone and let the random colors grow out. For the past few months my hair got lighter thanks to the hot sun outside..  My hair is now light to medium brown (most of the time) and you clearly can see my natural highlights. For the first time this year i really love my hair. lol

Natural light

Of course my red/black undertones are still visible, but i no longer care (i think.... lol)

(sorry for the crappy pic but my room was a total mess)

What do you guys think? 
Should i leave it as it is or go ahead and dye it again, just to have one main color? Love to know what you guys think! :) 

Your comments make me happy! :)

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a fabulous day my lovelies! 



Marie said...

I think it looks great!:D

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ellinelle said...

..you have perfect hair colour .. I am looking for a new colour myself , been natural all my life : )


tennille said...

ohh i love your hair! xxx