My current skin regiment + homemade masks

These past few months I was trying out different skin products and routines. I started using more natural masks and wearing less make up. Actually the results are more and more visible with each day. The only thing is that my scars still bug me...

I'm going to share some of the products that helped me and might even help you. And if you are looking for a more natural approach keep on reading. 
I've posted some nice home made mask recipes. 

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Drugstore products that I'm currently loving and had a positive effect on my skin:

1. Garnier 3in1 mask, scrub and wash
2. Neutrogena visibly clear oil free facial wash

3. Garnier tonic (from the Pure Active line)

4. Avon Mud mask (mud masks benefit the skin condition and 
leave it feeling fresh and tightened) 
5. Avon Pore Penetrating Gel Cleanser (for oily skin)

6. Nivea moisturizing cream for combination to oily skin

7. Pure Rose Water, which i use instead of Fix plus/thermal water
I pored some of it in a spray bottle and i carry it with me on hot days 

I also started making my own face masks. Here are some of the masks i love.

  • Yeast mask - Does wonders for your complexion and pores.

What you will need:
- fresh yeast (preferably without any additional substances)
- yogurt or milk (tee spoon)  
- chamomile tea
How to use it:
Just mix the yeast and the milk together.
You will end up with a gooey, sticky concoction.
 While you have your mask on, boil some water and add the chamomile tee. 
After 15 min wash your face and rinse with the chamomile tee. This will soothe your skin and unclog your pores. Just bear in mind that the tee shouldn't  be hot.
Stay away from water for the next 2 hours. 

How often should you do this:
I do this mask twice a week, before I go to bed. 
After i clean my face i use my night time moisturizer and then i hit the sack. :) 
This mask makes my skin very soft and makes my scars slightly less visible.

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  • Aspirin and honey mask - Helps fight scars, redness and pimples

What you will need:
- 2 to 4 pills of non coated aspirin tablets
- honey
How to use it:
Add few drops of water and wait until the pills dissolve. Then just add some honey (some people add few drops of aloe vera as well). After 10 to 15 min rinse your face.

How often should you do this:
Use the mask once a week, and you will soon see results! :)

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  • Lemon mask/treatment - It might sting a little bit, but it brightens the face. 
What you will need:
- freshly squeezed lemon juice/ a slice of lemon
How to use it:  
Add some honey to the freshly squeezed juice and leave it on you face for about 5 min, then rinse. You can use a slice of lemon and dab it on to your face. 
Leave it for 3 to 5 min and rinse again.

How often should you do this:
Once or twice a week. Better to do this treatment before bed.

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This is what my face looks like now. 
Sorry i don't have any before pics, but i can assure you my skin looked horrible! In this picture I have only eye make up.

As you can see that my face looks more awake. 
It is soft to the touch and I break out less  ^_^

I would love to see less and less scars as time goes by. I will keep you guys up to date, and hopefully some of those recipes will help you too.
If you have any suggestions/question feel free to contact me or just write below 

Thank you for reading!
Remember your comments make me happy so feel free to write :)



I'm not a doctor or a dermatologist! I'm just sharing my opinion and the things that helped me with the hope that those products might help other people!
Audrey said...

Wow this helped a lot after my post about breakouts. Will definitely look out for these products, particularly the neutrogena oil-free :)

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

I love aspirin and honey mask I also like to add yogurt. Great post. I'm curious about avon's mud mask have to check it out.

Skye' said...

Hey Love, I really like your blog so far,I am your new follower..!! :) I'm not new to the blogging world but I started fresh with the whole blog thing,so if you get a second then please stop by and follow me if it peeks your fancy!! Thanks


p.s..I'm going to try those natural face masks..

Roya said...

I've heard good things about lemon masks. I should really try some of these, I have horrid skin.

ellinelle said...

..wow , that is very interesting skin care routine , will try it ..

..I love planet spa - only thing I have from Avon ..

"L" said...

Hands down, your skin looks amazing! I feel so bad for my skin now, just ate a big bowl of vanilla ice cream with loads of chocolate :/

bravegrrl said...

i've been wanting to make my own masks for a long time, thanks for the inspiration!

Nathalie said...

Great review. And your skin looks fabulous!

Catanya said...

Wonderful post!! Really informative, useful and well written!!
I have found it fabulous!
Your skin looks beautiful and I think I will try the recipe for the face mask soon.
I love reading posts about skincare and especiallu about products to combat spots.
New follower here, too!

L!nL!n said...

I'm so gonna try some of these home-made mask recipies. Btw, I've tagged you @ my blog:

have a great day :)

Miryam Oquendo said...

This reminded me I have to try the aspirin & honey mask! I saw it on the Dr.Oz show & he explained to everyone why it works & now this. I'm convinced lol :)

Miss Vendella said...

I' very happy that i was able to inspire some of you! :)

Also i want to thank you all for your wonderful comments! :)

VeronicaGlam said...

I've tried some of these products but you gave some other great ones that I need to try! Thanks!