The perfect summer salad

  *Tuna fish salad*

What you will need:

- Tuna fish 
(I prefer tuna fish in a can in natural oils),
- Sweet corn,
- Onion,
- Fresh Lettuce,
- Cucumbers,
- Olive oil,
- Lemon juice/Vinegar
- Salt

Chop everything up, add the olive oil, the lemon juice and a pinch of salt. You can use vinegar instead of lemon juice if you are not a fan.

I've been eating this salad like crazy for the past few months. It is just too good! And its good for your diet. Tuna actually is a great health benefit. It helps you fight cholesterol and is commonly known as "brain food". The best thing is that fish is naturally rich in omega-3 and protein. 
So not only is it healthy but tasty at the same time ;) 

And it goes perfectly
 with a glass of nice white wine or my favorite Bacari breezer (Lime)

What are your favorite things to eat/drink during summer? 
Let me know! :)

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Marie said...

I've never had a salad like this one, my favorite drink this summer would be young coconut with pulp juice!:D

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Shannon said...

You've made me hungy :L
It looks delish! :)
Think I've gonna' go and make this.

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

This great and hearty, I'm not a leaf person but the corn, and tuna makes it just perfect. The red onions are my fave!

Roya said...

Thanks for following my blog!

I'm actually going to try and make this for lunch tomorrow, I have all the ingredients and it sounds delicious.