Purple clouds and Golden Sands

Golden Sands FOTD

I got inspired from the hot sun and golden sands! (even though this year i wasn't able to go by the sea side ;( 

I wanted to emphasize on my eyes. I used mainly drugstore products.
For the face I kept everything super simple. 
Just a light touch of blush and gloss.
As always excuse the wacky looking brows! lol 
(click on the image to enlarge)

Purple clouds FOTD

A few days ago we had the most beautiful sunset! 
The colors were amazing!  

The next morning i tried to recreate the look on my eyes! :)
I went for a very subtle, girly and clean look.

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Andrea. said...

Aww you're such a beautiful women. I love both these looks. Your brows are so full and so are your lips! I'm jealous.

ambrosia said...

nice looks!

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Karen said...

Hi Hun! You look gorgeous in both FOTDs :) And you have really nice big brown eyes - I find that purples and browns really compliment us brown eyed girls! Those are my favourite shades of eyeshadow.
LOL - you made me laugh about killing for a pair of heels ;)
Oh it's easy to get the hang of heels - especially platform heels like the ones in my last blog post. Try to look for heels with rubber soles as well - that makes it super easy to walk in....or if the sole is slippery, just invest in those special stickers to give your shoe sole extra grip. That does the trick for me :)
Thank you so much for saying hi and for checking out my blog. I really appreciate it Vendella!

KayKay said...

wow looks amazing! your very pretty too

ambrosia said...



"L" said...

Girl your eyebrows are fine, they look good when they are full. My own is so skinny by nature, my sister was the lucky when with fdull brows. And lips smal. Both looks look stunning!

Maubrey said...
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tennille said...

your eyes are so so gorgeous!
i replied to your comment on my post also sweetheart x

Miss Vendella said...

omg thank you all so much for the wonderful comments! I can't beleive so many people like my looks. lol
I should probably do these kinds of posts more often. heheh
I'm just a bit shy about my make up skills :P

Stay fabulous my wonderful readers!