DIY | Lighten your hair with natural products

If you are like me - obsessed with your hair, then this post is definitely for you!

Recently, I had a not-so-wonderful experience with hair dye (yes, yes I dyed it again). I actually wanted to make my hair lighter and get rid of the red undertones, but it turned out really dark brown. The colour is nice but definitely doesn't suit me.
So since I no longer want to dye my hair (but I still want to make it lighter!) I thought why not find an alternative method. I spent a lot of time researching and trying to find some home-made recipes that might help. I stumbled upon some very nice masks that not only will better the condition of your hair, but will make it lighter with 1-2 tones (at least this is what people are claiming). I'm currently in the process of testing them out.
So here are few of the masks I found:

I'm starting off with the one that sounds the best. All of the masks are very simple and cheap to recreate! You can find all the product in your kitchen! :)

1. Honey and distilled water

Pure honey, water (preferably distilled or low mineral water of pH 7) and a teaspoon of one of the following: ground cinnamon, coconut oil or olive oil. The exact ratio is 1:6 (1 tablespoon honey to 6 tablespoons distilled water, depending on the length of your hair)
Add 1 teaspoon cinnamon or coconut oil or olive oil, apply evenly on towel-dried hair and cover with a plastic or a foil hat. Leave it for an hour, then rinse thoroughly with water. It might not work after the first time but the site promises a nice result after a couple of sessions.

2. Chamomile

4 handfuls of dried chamomile poured with 1 liter of water. Boil for half an hour. Once cooled strain and rinse your hair with it after you wash and condition!

3. Lemons

Peel 4 lemons and leave the peel to soak in water for about an hour. Then put the lemon juice and the water form the peels for 2 days in your fridge. Strain, add 500 ml. hot water and rinse your washed hair.

4. Mayonnaise and Lemon

Add half of cup of lemon juice to a cup of mayo. Use on dirty hair and leave for about an hour. Wash as usual. 

5. Alcohol 

(all images: Pinterest)

Just add half a glass of strong alcohol in your home-made masks. You can add wine, vodka, cognac etc.
Do the masks as often as you wish, depending on your hair type. 
If you have greasy hair I recommend you do the masks once a week and try to avoid the roots, but you can still rinse with the chamomile water every time you take a shower!

I will keep you posted and hopefully the results won't be far behind. 
But even if i don't end up with the colour I want at least my hair will be shiny and strong! :)

P.S  I know I've been posting a lot of masks and home made remedies, but I'm really into the whole nature thing right now!
I'm in a bit or a writers block as well, so if you can just go ahead and request some posts that you would like to read/see! :) 

Stay fabulous!



Nastia said...

Мисля да експериментирам с "Ombre hair". Много ми харесва! :)
Чудесна публикация,както всичките ти,много полезна! ;)
Следя редовно твоя блог и очаквам с нетърпение всеки нов твой пост!


Al said...

how is it working ? ;)