How to use natural oils in your battle against acne

Yes, it's true, you can help your skin win the battle with acne by using natural/essential oils. 
Of course, not all types of oils are beneficial for your skin type! Some are perfect for dry and aging  skin - olive oil, apricot oilwheat oil, jojoba oil; others for sensitive skin - almond and avocado oil, since they are light and are absorbed quickly by the skin; and there are oils that are perfect for oily to combination skin types! And here is where I want to focus my attention on since a lot of us young women are suffering breakouts and have oily skin.

The best oil in my opinion (since I've been testing it out for the past few days, hence the blog post) is the grape seed oil
1.Grape seed oil contains the most powerful natural antioxidant known to man. It tightens but does not clog the pores. Its perfect if you have oily skin because it helps regulate the skin's natural balance and also helps with burns, wounds and infections! It is also called basis oil. It can be used on its one or with mixed other essential oils.


2. Rose oil is one of the best options among the essential oils. It has a nice aroma and not only clears the skin but it also prevents from breakouts. However, it's not suitable for people with dry or sensitive skin as it will make the skin more dry and flaky.
I'm actually lucky because my country is the true origin for all rose based oils and creams, so its not a problem for me to find natural rose oil! ;)


3. Lavender oil is very healing and soothing. The oil of lavender helps to treat redness and itching. But remember never to use lavender oil directly onto your skin. Always dilute it with grape seed oil or jojoba oil!


We all know that the 4.Tea tree oil is perfect for oily and acne prone skin. It contains ingredients that kill bacteria and is used to clean wounds. Before you apply it to the skin, remember to mix it with a basic oil. The best option is to mix 2 drops of tea tree oil with 30 ml. aloe vera, or you might suffer from dry and itchy skin.


For the past few weeks, i got really obsessed with all natural skin/hair products (hence all my recent posts). I really think natural oils and products help my skin and hair feel and look a lot better. I've actually discovered that I don't need a moisturizer before I put on my foundation. It goes a lot smoother and looks way better when I have my grape oil on. I use a small cotton disk, put a few drops of the oil leave it for about 5 min and continue with my makeup routine. My face looks more awake and dewy! :) I've been getting compliments on how radiant my skin is as of lately. I strongly believe the oil is "to blame".
I hope you find my post interesting and helpful! 
It's all for you - my fabulous readers!

I would love to read your comments.

Are you willing to give natural oils a shot? 

What is your take on going "au naturelle"?

Stay fabulous



Donna ♥ Baby said...

i think my skin hates tea tree anything. ive tried tea tree toners and cleansers and my skin got worse so that sucks how it dosent work for me haha :(

Marie said...

I love lavender oil but I don't really put it on my face.:D

***** Marie *****

Nastia said...

Интересно...още утре отивам да си купя grape oil. ;)
Напоследък все по-често посягам към етеричните масла и домашно приготвените маски за лице и за коса.Просто установих,че те ми се отразяват много по-добре,отколкото скъпата купешка козметика.

Miss Vendella said...

@Donna ♥ Baby you should try thegrape seed oil. it works wonders for my skin! hopefully it will help you too.

@Marieuntill my research i never thought to put it on my face either :D

Opredeleno! Veche po4ti vs koeto polzvam se staraq da byde naturalno. prosto vijdam efekt! :)