Some good EOTDs from the past week

I've been rocking the "pop of color" look for the past few days now, before i got seriously sick.... T_T

Green is definitely my favorite color, but I've been switching it up with blue, purple and gold. Once I tried baby pink but after a couple of hours the color faded away and I looked like I haven't been getting enough sleep! haha
You already know black eyeliner is my best friend lol This look takes me about 5 min! :)

You already know about the brows :D I'm getting very impatient, though. I sooo want them to look good already, but I never have the time to go to a pro....

And as per usual my favourite look - simple and sexy the neutral cat eye
is def my go-to makeup look. Especially when I'm in the mood! :)
Perfect for work, university and date night with the bf. 

Hope you enjoyed! 

Stay fabulous my lovely readers


Marie said...

Looks great and polished!:D

***** Marie *****

JillieCat said...

Pretty eyes! You have such good willpower to let the brows grow in. I always try so I could get them professionally shaped but end up plucking them to death.

tennille said...

you're eyes are gorgeous! x