Collective Make Up Haul

Lets get right into the good stuff shall we? ;)

♥ Lip stuff ♥

Essence Stay with me longlasting lipgloss in 03 "Candy Bar". It's a bit sticky but i don't mind that. I love the smell and i love the color! Great for my complection and since i'm on this cat liner/hot pink lips kick this is perfect! It is not that longlasting, but i can live with that! Btw it has a weird applicator brush which actually makes putting on the gloss very easy! I can do it with out a mirror and i don't get it all over my nose! lol 
Loves it!  

Next up is this tube gloss by Rimmel. It is from their Royal Gloss collection in number 611 "Sugar Glaze". This is the most yummiest gloss i ever had (besides Lancome's juicy tubes) lol It's very light, easy to apply, non sticky and the color is amazing. I use it on its on or over a nude lipstick! You wont go wrong with this stuff.

I love Nivea. They make the perfect lip balm! I absolutely love their Fruity shine collection, especially the new one i got which is "Pink Guava". It smells so delicious and moisturizes my lips so well! It also leaves a light pink sheen, so its perfect if i don't feel like wearing a gloss or lipstick but still don't want my lips to be naked. I keep it in my purse all the time!

I actually got this as a gift from a very dear friend of mine! I'm in love with this! 
You all know what i'm talking about- NARS Turkish delight! ♥
Doesn't need a review! ;) The perfect pink gloss!

 ♥ Face 

One of my favorite foundations - Maybelline Affinitone Mineral Foundation, I just had to re-purchase! :) 
Actually I think I mentioned this before in another haul post. hehe 
Pros: does not brake me out, has SPF in it, buildable coverage, oil free, talc free and it has a pump! The only down side is that they have only 5 or 6 shades to choose from and  number 30 "Sand" (which is my color) is very difficult to find...

♥ Eyes and Brows 

Maybellines The Colossal Volum'Express Mascara! One of my favorite mascaras ever!!! I usually like to try out different mascaras and almost never stick with the same brand, but i'm in love with this- the formula, the brush, everything!! :) 
Essence No limits Waterproof mascara in black- I needed a waterproof mascara but didn't want to spend a lot of money so i ended up buying this one. It isn't something special but i use it mainly for my lower lashes because i hate the "panda bear" look. It is waterproof, but it don't expect it to make your lashes look amazing. It's just a standard mascara.

Here are the wands. 
The Essence one does have a nice brush, but if you compare it to the Colossal one it has no chance!

I finally got my hands on the Wet'n'Wild's brow kit. The brush is a bit crappy as well as the tweezer, but i don't use them any way. This is the most amazing brow product evarr!! You use the wax first and then just dab a bit of the lightest shadow and fill in the brows. It stays on forever! I also have one of their brow pencils, which is also as good as the kit.

I swatched the colors so that you can see them clearer (even though my pictures look very crappy this time... i think i went a bit over board with the editing). I use the lightest brown. You need very little and apply it with light strokes.

I bought this Sephora mini palette ages ago but I never got around of "hauling it". The colors look amazing, but the quality is very very crappy. The shadows are very powdery and you don't get good results even with a primer. You have to swipe them a lot in order to get the color to show! Very disappointed. Sometimes I would use the black shade to set my liner. It gives a nice deep color with some very light purple undertones.

I got this Loreal palette as a gift with an online purchase i made not long ago. It's actually a special edition so I don't think you can find it in drugstores.
 It's called Color of Hope and the palette itself is in 215 "Bouquet of Strength". As you can see thought the gold color (which is my favorite) is a bit off... Its a bit difficult to pick up the color, but still i make it work! 
Btw all the swatches in this post are without a primer just so you can see the real deal!

I bought a couple of the mono shadows form Golden rose 
(a brand that can be found on the Balkans only...i think). These are very cheap but actually are very good quality! I fell in love with the colors, and i'm thinking of buying the whole range. Also i love the fact they are small and compact. The light goldish/brownish color is in number 109 and the pinky/purple color is in number 116.

 Amazing color payoff! No primer! Just look how vibrant the colors are...I'm so happy with this purchase! Nothing else i can say. lol

You can tell i'm an Essence fan right? lol 
I just could not resist buying a gel eyeliner. I always wanted to try out a gel liner since my favorite make up look is the cat eye, but i never got around of purchasing the MAC blacktrack fluidline, and since i'm cheap i thought why not try this baby out. lol I also bought the brush even thought i already own an angled eyeliner brush. I haven't tested out the brush yet but i can say i'm in love with this stuff. It's waterproof and it stays on until i get my make up off. It leaves a very nice finish, not too shiny and non to dull. Another purchase i'm very happy with!

And of course i got some random things i thought i'm going to share...

Flormar's "No more Breaks" strengthening nail polish. 
Hopefully this will make my nails healthier and stronger...
Also i got a nice deep lander/purple nail polish. 
The perfect color for spring, in my opinion.

Some make up sponges, and also i got lot of testers when i went into Sephora...

If you don't know I'm not a big fan of hand creams. I always forget to put some on and i hate feeling my hands greasy. But i can't get enoughs of this stuff. This cream smells like cherry bubblegum, it leaves my hands smelling so delicious, it hydrates and moisturizes without leaving them greasy and it's paraben free! Loves it! Another great purchase.

I know it was a long post but i really wanted to share with you guys my opinion on what i got recently. I hope you liked the post!

What did you purchase recently? Any great finds? 
Love to read your comments! :) 
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Stay fabulous!


♥Engjulli♥ said...

You got amazing stuff! :)
I want to try that Essence gel liner now :)

Loved this post. Hope you keep posting often ;)

Nastia said...

Уау! Страхотни неща!
Лакът за нокти на CA е много як и гланцът на Essence!Влюбих се в тях!!! ;)

Miss Esspi. ♥ said...

I need to try that Nars lipgloss and see if it's worth the hype! That pink DOES look perfect, though.

Nastia said...

Страхотни неща! Лакът на Catherine Arley е жесток.;)

Доволна ли си от гланца на Essence?Вчера ги гледах в DM и много им се чудих.Имат много хубави цветове.