Homemade Beauty | Baby Banana Food Deep Conditioner

This is one of the best deep conditioning and moisturizing homemade masks I've ever tried! It's perfect for every time of the year and the best part - it's super cheap to make. The only thing you'll probably need to buy is a jar of banana baby food! I "stole" the idea from the post by the lovely author of Hell Notes For Beauty. You can check out her post here. Her blog is amazing and has all kinds of DIY beauty trick and healthy tips.

Moving on with the post!  

Step 1: 

Get your baby banana food jar and mixing bowl ready. 

This is what the banana food looks like straight out of the jar.

You can add whatever ingredients you want and work best with your hair. I usually use olive oil, honey and sometimes add a bit of lemon juice just because i'm in the process of lightening my hair.
You can always add and essential oil or Castor oil or any other ingredient depending on your hair needs and type. I found that these are the things that work best for my hair type.

Step 2:

Start adding the ingredients. Here you can see I added the 
olive oil first.

Then add the honey and the lemon juice.

Step 3:

Mix everything. This is what the mask should look like. 
The consistency should be creamy and not too runny. 

Step 4:

Apply on dry, dirty hair put a cap on and leave it for as long as you wish. 

I prefer to leave my deep conditioning treatments for at least an hour and a half to two hours. It smells nice and you don't have those annoying banana chunks that sometimes are impossible to get rid of!

My hair felt super soft and moisturized after this treatment. I strongly recommend it to all of you who have curly, dry, damaged, bleached or dyed hair. Use this once every other week and you will see nice results very quickly! Also, it was easier for me to style my hair after this, which is always good news for me and my stubborn frizzy curly hair. :)

Hope you liked my quick homemade hair mask post and found it helpful.
If you try this out please tell me if you were also impressed with the results!

Do you have any favorite DIY hair treatments? 
Share below! :) Love to read your comments!

Have an awesome week, my lovelies! 

Stay Fabulous!


Nikkay said...

Great post honey, i so wanna try this out now!! x

Lisa said...

Hey lady!

Thank you SO much for your comment, it really means the world to me when I get comments like that, and I'm so so happy I inspire you!

I will for sure post lots more pictures soon, we're planning to have an engagement party in June, eeep! Cam't wait :)

Oh and that mask sounds very good, I might try it sometime!


Joan.Dorina said...

perfect posttt..love so much your blog..follow us and we will follow you back in the next few hours..
keep on your cool blogwork :))
kisses from GREECE honey..

Tita Von T said...

I needed smthn like this sooo much!Tryin' it out! :)

HazelandMare said...

Wow, that is such a great idea! Thank you for the wonderful tips!! :)


mimi19 said...

Thanks so much for this wonderful recipe. I was wondering if i could use a regular banana, and if so how many should i use.Also how much do i need to use for the other ingredients?