Show and Tell: Asian Store Goodies

How much do I love Asian shops??? Seriously...OMG!! lol 
I always find the most original and cute stuff (and i never spend more than 15lv, which is round about 10/12 us dollars). How can i resist? :D 
However this time i was a good girl and bought juts a few things. But i'm going back to the same store very very soon... :D 

This is what caught my attention this time...

Cutest diary ever!!!
I totally forgot to take pictures of the actual pages! -__-
Some of the pages have stories written on them i guess, (I can't read that language :( ) and cute little pictures of the same girl that is on the cover!  
I just never want to use this, it is that cute! :D 

This is probably the most exciting purchase and i actually thought i will never be able to find one of these in Bulgaria. 
This small "rubbery thing" is the most amazing face scrub brush everrr! I was watching one of Bubzbeauty's videos on YouTube and saw her raving about it. 
Ever since i wanted to get my hands on one of these cleansing brushes!! :) How lucky am I? lol

 This cleansing pad is super gentle and very easy to use- just put a bit gel on it and rub it all over your face. The bristles are made out of silicone and feel very gentle on the face. 
Not only are you cleaning your face but your also stimulating the blood flow. 
It's perfect for every day cleaning and every skin type....

It has a suction cup on the back so you can stick it anywhere in your bathroom....and it's pink!! :D 

I bought a face/hand creme with white Orchid extract. It smells very nice, and actually reminds me of Nivea's all skin type all purpose creme. 
The thing i'm most happy with is that this cream did not break me out.*yay* 
In my opinion this is a great product to use during winter and fall, because it's a bit thick and very moisturizing. However, i still carry it in my purse all the time.  

I'm not used to using blotting sheets on my face, even though i do get oily, but i had to get these! I fell in love with the packaging! :D 
I'm a sucker for girly stuff! 

You get 50 pieces in the pack. 

So this was my short and fun random haul post! 
Hope you liked it! ;)

Did you guys purchase something cute and fun from an Asian store recently?  Post your comments below! You know i love reading them! :)

Have a lovely Friday and an awesome weekend my lovelies!

Stay Fabulous!


Audrey♥ said...

I LOVE asian shops, everything they have is packaged so prettily and cute. Pity in England they aren't that common :/
The diary is adorable xx

Amber said...

I love them, too. Asian shops just have the cutest items, and the MOST ADORABLE packaging ever!!!

ChemistryLady said...

Къде се намира магазинът, от който си купила тези неща?

Miss Vendella said...

@ChemistryLady Магазинчето се намира на Пиротска, в една от преките...доста е голямо и е точно срещу някакво барче/кафене. Има адски много неща вътре аз лично си отделям поне 40 мин всеки път като отида! ахаах ще го познаеш по големите червени китайски фенери! :)