Street Style Party! Come and Meet the Bloggers!

My blogger friends Elly and Emil are organizing this fabulous party where you will get the chance to meet the authors behind most of your favourite Bulgarian blogs, including yours truly! If you are in Sofia on the 16th of March feel free to join us! The place is Zoom Box! See you there!

Блогър приятелите ми Ели и Емил организират страхотно парти, където ще имате шанса да се запознаете с авторите на повечето от любимите си български блогове, включително и с моя милост! Ако сте в София на 16ти Март, заповядайте да избухнем заедно! Мястото е Zoom Box! Ще се видим там!

Stay fabulous my lovelies and get ready to party! 


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Marion said...

So wish I could join you for what looks like an amazing party!! Have fun!!
XO - Marion
PS - just found your blog...love it!

Dearest Lou said...

Looks like everyone is in for a great time!


Miss Vendella said...

@Marion Thank you for your comment!! I'm so happy that you enjoy your blog. Make sure to follow my Fb page for more!

@Dearest Lou I really hope so lol iwill be posting pics after the event! :)