How to | Shop at a Thrift Store in 9 Easy Steps

I've noticed a lot of people are going crazy over thrift store and second-hand shopping. This post is dedicated to all the people who, just like me, have fun looking for hidden gems. I will be sharing some helpful tips and tricks on how to shop in thrift stores. This will be very helpful information for all you who are just now diving into the experience called "second-hand shopping". :)

1. When you are going thrift store shopping always be dressed comfortably so you can easily and quickly try on clothes, if you wish to do so.

2. Choose stores with good reputation. Google stores near you or ask a friend.

3. Always be on the look out - you never know what might catch your eye. Always go through all the sections. I will advice the ladies to go through the men's sections as well because you can always find some really nice shirts and vests - just rock the boyfriend look.

4. Experiment - now is the time to try on different styles, garments, prints, sizes etc.

5. Never buy underwear! My personal opinion is that you should never buy underwear or kitchen accessories from second-hand shops.

6. If you are buying purses always disinfect them before you actually use them.

7. Inspect every single piece of clothing you are buying. Do not buy shirt or blouses with stains on the underarms. If you are buying jeans or pants always inspect the inside for fraying.

8. Use you imagination - you can always transform a piece of clothing into something really nice you would actually wear.

9. Wash every single thing you buy from the thrift store. If possible get your stuff to the dry-cleaners.

Just enjoy this different shopping experience!
I know you are not going to be disappointed and you are going to have fun. Share with me what you got recently from thrift stores. Post pictures on my Facebook page

Stay Fabulous!


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