Bloggers Diary | #HMStudioAW14

10 days ago I attended the unveiling of the new H&M Bulgaria showroom and the brands A/W 2014 collection. The same collection that was presented during Paris Fashion Week F/W '14. As you can clearly see the bohemian vibe is still going strong - something I'm very excited about, yet again. 

H&M have a lovely way of mixing and matching different styles - in this case bohemian with city chic. I can definitely see myself running around Sofia in that wonderful white faux fur coat, maybe even add an amazing pair of black strappy sandals for a special night out. I didn't see that many accessories this time around but I did fall in love with a pair of booties that will haunt me until September, when the A/W 14 collection will be available in stores.

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Cool people - cool details! 

And then we ate some burgers...

What do you lovelies think of the collection? 
Are you a fan of the bohemian vibe?
Tell me below!

Stay fabulous!



vanina@styleinspiratrice.com said...

Много беше готино! Супер пост и трябва скоро да се видим :)))