Miss Vendella is a personal 
beauty and lifestyle blog created in 2009. It's dedicated to all things that inspire, intrigue and challenge women - from beauty and cosmetics to life.

As a human being living in a very dynamic era, I sometimes find myself stuck in a trend, social media craze or a belief and find it difficult to move forward. I know this is common. I also strongly believe that a bright red lipstick, a couple of motivational words and a smile can defeat any doubt and frustration. That is why I decided to dedicate this blog to all women - no matter race, age or location. I wanted to create a beautiful and friendly online environment where you can find helpful tips and advice on beauty as well as motivation to keep you moving forward.

Why Miss Vèndella? 

Miss Vendella is my alter-internet ego, so to say. 
The name has an interesting story behind it. Vendela is actually a type of a champagne ivory rose, often used for wedding bouquets. I fell in love with the name after hearing it on an old kids TV show when I was about 7 and it just stuck. I added the extra "l" because at that time I thought it needed a bit more va-va-voom. And since a lot of people often ask me: no, it has nothing to do with "Vendetta" and that is not the way to pronounce it.


My name is Yana Lambreva. I am a w
riter, fashion and beauty lover and a  
Social Media Strategist & Digital PR Consultant. I like to think of myself as a "baller on a budget". A bit of a nerd.I have several qualifications in the field of the English language. My first online publication was for an American online magazine. I've been featured in a number of fashion magazines some of which Grazia Bulgaria, Joy, Amica. I have also been published in the journal by The Balkan Forum of the Young Historians.
  • Currently working as a Social Media Strategist and Digital PR Consultant
  • Member of the Bulgarian Public Relations Society. 
  • Certified TEDx-er
For the past 7 years, I've developed a genuine and passionate love for makeup and beauty as well as fashion. I've worked as a beauty and cosmetic promoter and consultant for 2 years and I gained a lot of knowledge in the field of cosmetics, hair and makeup.

One of my hobbies is researching new products, ingredients and brands and testing out new and interesting products.
I have worked or am currently cooperating with Philips, Braun, Avon, Marks and Spencer, Vichy, 
Golden Rose, L'oreal Professionnel, Revitalash, Catrice, Essence and others.